Paul Harvey - The Rest of the Story Video Collection #2

In 1993, Paul Harvey released a second collection of twelve of his favorite The Rest of the Story stories on VHS cassette for home use. The Paul Harvey Archives obtained a copy of this collection and digitally encoded them for sharing here on the site!

Here is what the box looked like.


The Kingdom of Love

Alternate Name: Ivan The Terrible (Started out as a good king)



Alternate Name: Dolly the parrot (witnessed house robbery)


Dinner On Elephant Island

Alternate Name: Thomas Orde-Lees (Elephant Island and Shipwreck)


Naked Came The Novelist

Alternate Name: Naked Came the Stranger (racy book with 25 authors)


Bleak House

Alternate Name: Frank Lloyd Wright (house fire and secrets)


The Devil's Den

Alternate Name: Osage Indians (Devil's Den and Marvel Cave)


Johnny's Close Shave

Alternate Name: John Wilkes Booth (attempted murder by his wife)


Safety Record

Alternate Name: Casey Jones (his saga)


Destined for Anonymity

Alternate Name: Alfred Nobel (established the Nobel Prize in his will)



Alternate Name: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Origin)



Alternate Name: Robert Schumann (and his wife Clara Wieck)


Act of God

Alternate Name: Floating Church (flood moved church Swan Quarter, NC)