Paul Harvey - The Rest of the Story Video Collection #1

In 1989, Paul Harvey released a collection of twelve of his favorite The Rest of the Story stories on VHS cassette for home use. The Paul Harvey Archives obtained a copy of this collection and digitally encoded them for sharing here on the site!

Here is what the box looked like.


Napoleon and Bathtub

Alternate Name: Napoleon Bonaparte (Sale of Louisana Territory and bath tub)


Excuses, Excuses

Alternate Name: Westisde Baptist Church (Church choir was late)


You Can't Come Inside

Alternate Name: Elvis Presley (poor boy and guitar)


To Bomb or Not To Bomb

Alternate Name : Harry Truman (almost dropped atom bomb on Moscow)


Shoe Shine Boy

Alternate Name: Ray Floyd and Lee Travino (Golf Match)


Gentle Legacy

Alternate Name: Teddy Roosesvelt (Teddy Bear)

Sultana Disaster

Alternate Name: Sultana (Riverboat, largest maritime disaster)


The Death of John Dillinger

Alternate Name: John Dillinger (botched plastic surgery)


Ralph Neves D.O.A.

Alternate Name: Ralph Neves (Jockey dead then alive)


Philadelphia Story

Alternate Name: George Washington (Philadelphia fever)


Christmas Memory

Alternate Name: Prince Charles (Car Ride in Snow)


Bad, Bad Ed O'Hare

Alternate Name: Butch O'Hare (his father Artful Eddie)