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The Rest of the Story
Stories Starting With the Letter "W"

The Paul Harvey Unofficial Archives has over 3000 episodes of The Rest of the Story. We don't know if we have every single episode that Paul ever did - but we're sure it's darn close!

These files are in MP3 format that can be easily played with a number of programs such as Windows Media Player, VLC Player, and most portable music devices.

In order to save server space and for easier downloads, these files have been stored in ZIP format compressed files. 

The stories that were hosted by Paul Harvey Jr. are noted with (JR) in the file name. Otherwise they were by Paul Harvey. Those denoted with (HQ) are in High Quality audio.


Download File - Letter (W)

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W. C. Fields (Fake drownings)
Waitresses Save Cop
Waldorf-Astoria (Origin)
Wallace Carothers (inventor of Nylon, committed suicide)
Wally Cox (Marlon Brando was his best friend)
Walt Disney (At age 14 and whippings)
Walt Disney (Disneyland) (JR)
Walt Disney (Fantasia was a flop) (1990)
Walt Disney (Lilly and uncashed checks)
Walt Disney (Mortimer Mouse)
Walt Disney (Owl)
Walt Disney (Passion for toy trains)
Walt Disney (Post Office)
Walt Whitman (Health conscious)
Walt Whitman (Helped Civil War soldiers)
Walt Whitman (Obscene firing)
Walter Camp (father of football, almost a doctor)
Walter Cronkite (Started out as a sportscaster)
Walter Hagen (Golf Pro)
Walter Reed (Could not grow a beard)
Waltons (The real story behind the family)
Waltz (dancing to the waltz a sin over 150 years ago)
War of 1812 (Fought for naught)
Warren Beatty (Rat bouncer)
Warren Delano (FDR's grandfather was a drug dealer) (Version 1)
Warren Delano (FDR's grandfather was a drug dealer) (Version 2) (1989)
Warren Felty (Saved same person three times)
Warren Harding (Five nervous breakdowns) (Version 2) (JR)
Warren Harding (Nervous breakdown at age 24 and corn flakes) (Version 1)
Washington, DC area Sniper (truck driver who caught him)
Watergate (Tried to break in five times)
Waylon Jennings (Gave up seat on doomed plane) (JR)
Wedding dress (Made from WW2 parachute)
Wedding pictures (Found in old building)
Werner Voss (WW1 German fighter pilot a Jew) (1994)
Wernher von Braun (Man In Space movie)
West Nile Virus (New threat)
Western Union (Did not want the Telephone)
Westisde Baptist Church (Church choir was late)
Whistler's Mother (Painting No One Wanted)
Whistler's Mother Painting (partial painting on back)
Whistling Language (Canary Islands)
Whitcomb Judson (Invented the zipper)
White Elephant (Burdensome gift)
White Rose (Toronto cab driver and mother)
Who really invented the computer
Why The End of Dinosaurs (Various theories)
Wicks Organ Company (Origin)
Wilbur Wright (Became an invalid) (Version 1)
Wilbur Wright (Became an Invalid) (Version 2)
Wild Bill Hickok (Assassination)
Wild Bill Hickok (His father and Underground Railroad)
Wild Bill Hickok (Life story)
Wild Bill Hickok (no hero)
Wild Bill Hickok (Trial and bullet)
Wild Turkey story (Bank terrorist)
Wiley Post (Desert monster)
Will and John Kellogg (creation of breakfast cereals and hard crust bread)
Will Clark (dog brought him baseball gloves) (JR)
Will Mayo (Civil War enrollment board)
Will Mayo (Mayo Clinic and gallstones)
Will Mayo (vet doctor led to Mayo Clinic)
Will Rogers (Almost died)
Will Rogers (Incorrigible boy)
Will Rogers (Incorrigible boy) (JR)
Will Rogers (Runaway steer)
Willard Hotel Washington, DC (waiter killed)
Willard Huntington Wright (Detective novels)
Willard Scott (hospital Santa)
William Bligh & Fletcher Christian (Mutiny on the Bounty)
William Bligh (second mutiny)
William Bligh (survived mutiny on small boat)
William Bodey (Prospector and Bodie, CA)
William Booth (Childhood and Salvation Army)
William Booth (His father in law and Salvation Army)
William Butler Yates (Poet and artist father)
William Butler Yates (Poet and artist father) (JR)
William Coolidge (Dog Mountain Climber)
William Coolidge (His mountain climbing dog)
William E. Miller (disobeyed orders, Congressional Medal of Honor)
William Eaton (hostages and Libya 175 years ago) (1989)
William Ellis Corey (wife Laura divorced him in six months in Nevada)
William Eno (Father of traffic safety)
William Faulkner (Failures before becoming author)
William Gilbert (kidnapped as child)
William Gilbert (no lawyer and tone deaf)
William Gray (Invented the Pay Phone)
William H. Taft (Hated being President)
William H. Taft (Hated being President) (JR)
William H. Taft (His wife and stroke)
William H. Taft (Overweight)
William H. Taft (Teddy Roosevelt, Lost Friendship and funeral)
William Halsey (Navy war games 1921)
William Hammond (Surgeon General during Civil War)
William Harrison (Log Cabin Booze bottle)
William Harrison (Only president for 31 days and died)
William Kogut (prisoner who made bomb with playing cards)
William McKinley (Bullet could have been found if X-ray was used)
William McKinley (Lucky Carnation)
William McKinley (Wife Ida & Epilepsy)
William Murphy (Murphy Bed) (JR)
William Penn (Quakers) (noisy)
William Pitt (Chronic Gout)
William Ralston (Modest Man)
William Randolph Hearst (Damsel in Distress) (1988)
William Shakespeare (His father John)
William Shakespeare (Tended horses)
William Shakespere (Actor before playright)
William Shakespere (songwriter)
William Shakespere Statue (Fundraiser and John Wilkes Booth)
William the Conqueror (Last battle)
William Thornton (Designed US Capitol building)
William Tyndale (Bible smuggler)
Willie Mays (Pulling Up Pants)
Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline (Crazy, a Juke Box favorite)
Wilma Rudolph (Olympic runner) (1992)
Wilmer Stultz (Aviator and alcoholic)
Winchester Mystery House (160 rooms on 6 acres)
Wind Warping (21st century applications)
Winnie Ruth Judd (trunk murderess, kept escaping from mental institution)
Winston Churchill (Always in Debt)
Winston Churchill (Cancelled meeting saved his life)
Winston Churchill (Eight year old and flogging)
Winston Churchill (Fall from bridge)
Winston Churchill (Fall from bridge) (JR)
Winston Churchill (Famous Portrait)
Winston Churchill (Gold Watch) (JR)
Winston Churchill (His mother and his birth)
Winston Churchill (Hit by taxi in NYC)
Winston Churchill (Hit by taxi in NYC) (JR)
Winston Churchill (Marriage proposal)
Winston Churchill (Paintings under fake name)
Winston Churchill (Poor Student) (1998)
Winston Churchill (Wall Street Crash) (NO ENDING)
Winter Came Twice In A Year (Iceland volcano 1783 and Alaska)
Wizard of Oz (Tribute to baby Dorothy)
Wolf (saved human in snowstorm)
Wolf story (Wolf mother saying goodbye)
Wolfgang Mozart (as 8 year old)
Wolfgang Mozart (billiards player)
Wolfgang Mozart (funeral for his pet starling)
Wolfgang Mozart (in Potters Field and Dog)
Wolfgang Mozart (love triangle and early death)
Wolfgang Mozart (sacred music outside of church at age 14)
Woman impregnanted by bullet (Civil War) (1990)
Women's Sufferage (Amendment won by one vote)
Woodrow Wilson (could not read)
Woodrow Wilson (His wife had sheep at White House WW1) (JR)
Woody Allen (Wanted to play sports in school) (Version 1)
Woody Allen (Wanted to play sports in school) (Version 2) (JR)
Woody English (Recorded Taps for funerals)
Woody Woodpecker (Origin)
World Trade Center 1993 Bombing (Light from Timex Watch)
World War I (How it started)
World War I Vets (Demonstrated to get benefits 1932) (1998)
World War II (American involvement before Pearl Harbor)
World War II (Last Mission)
World War II (US Involvement before Pearl Harbor attacks)
Wrestling on TV in bars (Origin)
Wright Brothers (British spied on their efforts)
Wright Brothers (Developed the airplane and not automobile)
Wright Brothers (High school dropouts)
Wright Brothers (How they delt with reporters in 1904)
Wright Brothers (Their father and toy)
Wrong Lottery Ticket (person lost out on $10 million payout)
Wyoming (Early days and Equal Rights)