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The Rest of the Story
Stories Starting With the Letter "U"

The Paul Harvey Unofficial Archives has over 3000 episodes of The Rest of the Story. We don't know if we have every single episode that Paul ever did - but we're sure it's darn close!

These files are in MP3 format that can be easily played with a number of programs such as Windows Media Player, VLC Player, and most portable music devices.

In order to save server space and for easier downloads, these files have been stored in ZIP format compressed files. 

The stories that were hosted by Paul Harvey Jr. are noted with (JR) in the file name. Otherwise they were by Paul Harvey. Those denoted with (HQ) are in High Quality audio.


Download File - Letter (U)

Click on the above link to download the ZIP file for Stories that start with the the letter "U"

Ulysses S. Grant (Born loser)
Ulysses S. Grant (Borrowed money from Simon Buckner)
Ulysses S. Grant (Could Not Stand Blood)
Ulysses S. Grant (Custer tried to ruin him)
Ulysses S. Grant (Gentle man)
Ulysses S. Grant (His wife was crosseyed)
Ulysses S. Grant (Horse and carriage)
Ulysses S. Grant (Neighbor Bart Baley West Point Dropout)
Ulysses S. Grant (Played Desdemona in Othello)
Ulysses S. Grant (West Point)
Ulysses S. Grant (Writing Memoirs) (Version 1)
Ulysses S. Grant (Writing Memoirs) (Version 2)
Un-Civil War Cost (Dollar amount and human casualties)
United States Capital (tomb orignally designed for George Washington)
United States Constitution (based upon Iroquoi Indians)
United States Constitution (how it was formed)
Upton Sinclair (Joke writer)
US Capital Haunted (JR) (NOISY)
US Capitol (Found unsafe February 2000)
US Constitution (based upon Iroquoi constitution)
US Mainland Bombed (Japanese Aircraft and Subs WW2)
US Navy (started in 1797 to rescue hostages from Algeria)
US Navy POW story (WWII no blood shed, same day as atomic bombing)
US Planned Invasion of Canada (and vice versa)
US Quarter design (1916 considered too risque)