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The Rest of the Story
Stories Starting With the Letter "T"

The Paul Harvey Unofficial Archives has over 3000 episodes of The Rest of the Story. We don't know if we have every single episode that Paul ever did - but we're sure it's darn close!

These files are in MP3 format that can be easily played with a number of programs such as Windows Media Player, VLC Player, and most portable music devices.

In order to save server space and for easier downloads, these files have been stored in ZIP format compressed files. 

The stories that were hosted by Paul Harvey Jr. are noted with (JR) in the file name. Otherwise they were by Paul Harvey. Those denoted with (HQ) are in High Quality audio.


Download File - Letter (T)

Click on the above link to download the ZIP file for Stories that start with the the letter "T"

T. S. Eliot (Writer and charity by friends)
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (origin) (JR)
Tallulah Bankhead (Tried out to be sports announcer 1946)
Tammy Wynette (Saved Burt Reynolds' Life)
Taxi Cabs (Transported French troops in WWI) (JR)
Ted Bundy (worked for crisis hotline)
Ted Horn (Speeding ticket led to a racing career)
Ted Koppel (Mr. Mom)
Ted Turner (Tried to apease his father)
Ted Williams (excellent eyesight)
Teddy Roosesvelt (Teddy Bear) (HQ)
Teddy Roosevelt (Asthma as a kid)
Teddy Roosevelt (Asthma as a kid) (JR)
Teddy Roosevelt (Blind in left eye)
Teddy Roosevelt (Blind in left eye) (JR)
Teddy Roosevelt (Four Eyes)
Teddy Roosevelt (Four Eyes) (JR)
Teddy Roosevelt (His father and Civil War)
Teddy Roosevelt (His wife Alice and love letters)
Teddy Roosevelt (Last Try WW1)
Teddy Roosevelt (Newspapers and crime wave)
Teddy Roosevelt (No Christmas Tree)
Teddy Roosevelt (Rough Riders)
Teddy Roosevelt (Saved Football)
Teddy Roosevelt (Sheriff and stolen rowboat)
Teddy Roosevelt (wife and mother died same day)
Telly Savalas (Life story)
Ten Commandments (Problems while filming)
Tennessee Williams (Smokey play)
Tennis (Introduction to USA 1874)
Terry Morris (homeless boy made good)
Texas Guinan (Lowelll Thomas' Sunday school teacher)
Thaddeus Lowe (Weatherman and Civil War spy)
Thaddeus Stevens (dead four days & nominated)
Thailand (Then and now)
Thanksgiving (Dutch origins)
The $3 Bill (Santa Claus)
The Alamo (was one a liquor store )
The Art of War (required reading for US Marines 1991 Gulf War)
The Challenger (Flag recovered from explosion)
The Conqueror (five actors died of cancer)
The Homestead (resort hotel was internment camp for Japanese diplomats)
The Invasion of America (book published 15 months before Pearl Harbor)
The Kiss (racy movie 1896)
The Masters (Amen Corner) (1995)
The Red Ghost (camel with skeleton on back)
The Ten Commandments (1923 movie set found)
Theodor Geisel (Book rejected 27 times before published)
Theodor Geisel (Butter Battle book) (NOISY)
Theophilus Carter (Crystal Palace, London)
Thomas Edison (born with large head, always in trouble)
Thomas Edison (Courtship and Morse Code)
Thomas Edison (Failed inventions) (NO BEGINNING)
Thomas Edison (His father Sam and exile from Canada)
Thomas Edison (Home schooled by mother) (JR)
Thomas Edison (Invented telephone answering machine)
Thomas Edison (Invented vacuum tube by accident)
Thomas Edison (Lazy telegrapher)
Thomas Edison (Light bulb and patent)
Thomas Edison (News butcher and ran own newspaper)
Thomas Edison (No formal schooling)
Thomas Edison (Rescued 3 Year Old from railroad tracks) (Version 1)
Thomas Edison (Rescued 3 Year Old from railroad tracks) (Version 2)
Thomas Edison (Tried to talk to the dead) (JR)
Thomas Edison (Why the light bulb was invented)
Thomas Jefferson (Covert operations)
Thomas Jefferson (Failed inventions and Lottery)
Thomas Jefferson (Inauguration and boarding house)
Thomas Jefferson (Monticello)
Thomas Jefferson (Rivanna River) (JR)
Thomas Jefferson (scandals) (NOISY)
Thomas Jefferson (Spaghetti Machine)
Thomas Jefferson (Spaghetti Machine) (JR)
Thomas Jefferson (The lawyer and merchant)
Thomas Jefferson (Too Much Freedom) (Version 1)
Thomas Jefferson (Too Much Freedom) (Version 2)
Thomas Jefferson (White House Design and Mr. A.Z.)
Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton (Sex scandals)
Thomas Keneally (Schindler's List)
Thomas Lipton (marketer and Lipton Tea)
Thomas Lipton (marketer and Lipton Tea) (JR)
Thomas Malory (wrote about King Arthur while in prison)
Thomas Moore (poet wrote song for his wife Bessy)
Thomas Orde-Lees (Elephant Island and Shipwreck)
Thomas Sanders (football or nothing)
Thomas Watson (Failed at everything before working at IBM)
Thor Heyerdahl (Kon-Tiki captain could not swim as kid) (NOISY)
Three brothers (Now three sisters) (1987)
Three cheers for Jones Junior High (battle hymn for Iwo Jima) (Version 1)
Three cheers for Jones Junior High (battle hymn for Iwo Jima) (Version 2)
Three Kids (Reunited In jail)
Tidal Wave (Japan 1896)
Tiffany's New York (Draft riots)
Tiger Woods (His father Woody)
Tim Allen (Cocaine dealer and comedy club)
Time magazine (Founding)
Time To Change Diaper (Invention of Velcro diaper)
Timothy Dexter (businessman by luck)
Tinkers to Evers to Chance (Double Play baseball poem)
Tiny Toon Adventures (episode written by 8th grade girls 1991)
Titanic (Bad omens)
Titanic (Coal Fire 1912)
Titanic Family (Headed to Winnipeg)
Titanic Passenger (Sold ticket, died of old age 1999)
Titanic victims (Kidnapped children and father)
Tokyo Rose (Trapped in Japan)
Tom Cat (Homeless)
Tom Dempsey (one hand football kicker)
Tom Dewey (1944 Election and national security)
Tom DiMaggio (Big brother turned down job)
Tom Landry (WWII Pilot and Cowboys coach)
Tom McGuire (Pictionary)
Tom Selleck (Handyman)
Tom Watson (Sand wedge)
Tomato (Love apple)
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Honor Guard)
Tommy Lasorda (Snubbed an autograph)
Tony La Russa (Animal activist baseball manager)
Tony Melendez (Armless guitar player and Pope John Paul II in 1987)
Toupee (First forbidden)
Transgender operation
Tread Wheel (Then and now)
Tree planted by family (cushions airplane in accident)
Trends in Drug Use (1910)
Trevor Ferrell (Helped homeless people)
Trip to France (In a rowboat)
Tristan da Cunha (Remote island)_
Truck falls off jack (Son lifts truck to save father) (1987)
Truman Capote (Childhood) (1988)
Tsunami (Japan 1896)
Tuareg People (Tribe delayed migration to watch TV)
Tunguska event (Siberia comet hit) (1987)
Tuxedo (Introduction to the US) (1987)
Twiglet Bank (only kids can bank there, Miami FL)
Twin Secretaries (Two sisters working half time)
Two Dollar Timex (Saved World) (1998)
Two Guys Named Jim (Twins separated at birth and parallel lives)
Ty Cobb (His accomplishments) (JR)