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The Rest of the Story
Stories Starting With the Letter "S"

The Paul Harvey Unofficial Archives has over 3000 episodes of The Rest of the Story. We don't know if we have every single episode that Paul ever did - but we're sure it's darn close!

These files are in MP3 format that can be easily played with a number of programs such as Windows Media Player, VLC Player, and most portable music devices.

In order to save server space and for easier downloads, these files have been stored in ZIP format compressed files. 

The stories that were hosted by Paul Harvey Jr. are noted with (JR) in the file name. Otherwise they were by Paul Harvey. Those denoted with (HQ) are in High Quality audio.


Download File - Letter (S)

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Sacagawea and Naya Nuki (helped Lewis and Clark)
Saddam Hussein (The Godfather)
Saddle Maker (For paralyzed boy)
Sahara Desert (Once a paradise) (JR)
Sahara Desert (Water under the surface)
Salmon Chase (financed Civil War with paper money 1863)
Salt Brine Wells (Ruined by petroleum)
Salt mines (Under Detroit)
Salton Sea (Created by accident)
Sam Clemens (back yard dig of Mark Twain's house)
Sam Clemens (Courtship of wife Olivia)
Sam Clemens (Dirty Book) (HQ)
Sam Clemens (Discovered and lost gold)
Sam Clemens (Disliked people)
Sam Clemens (Early user of a typewriter)
Sam Clemens (his death)
Sam Clemens (his wife)
Sam Clemens (Invested in failed inventions)
Sam Clemens (Made early version of Trivial Pursuit)
Sam Clemens (Mark Twain and riverboat pilot)
Sam Clemens (Mother's lost love)
Sam Houston (Failed marriage)
Sam Houston (His life) (1998)
Sam Phillips (Sun Records)
Sam Sneed (Turned down offer from friend) (1995)
Sam Wilson (Uncle Sam)
Samuel Adams (Failed businessman)
Samuel Beckett (Suzanne saved his life)
Samuel Colt (expelled from school)
Samuel Morse (Wife died alone and telegraph) (1998)
Samuel Mudd (Prisoner and yellow fever)
San Juan Island (Pig War) (JR)
Sandra Day O'Connor (Wanted to be a lawyer)
Sandy (Dog used in Little Orphan Annie was on death row)
Sandy Kofax (Tommy Lasorta was cut to make room)
Sanka (first decaffinated coffee discovered by accident)
Santa Ana (Chewing gum)
Santa Claus, Indiana (how it got its name)
Sarah Bernhardt (Saved Mary Todd Lincoln's life)
Sarah Edmonds (White woman was black man spy in Civil War)
Sarah Edmonds (Woman fought in Civil War)
Sarah Hale (Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving)
Sarah Hale (Her accomplishments)
Sargent Bates (March to Washington after Civil War)
Save the Churaptura (bats) (JR)
Scarecrow History (Dionysus and Greek Mythology)
School of Hard Knocks (created colleges but never attended college)
Scott Hamilton (Sick as kid)
Screen Test (some movie stars failed)
Screen Tests (Famous stars who flunked)
Sea Biscuit (Race horse with crooked knee)
Sea Venture (shipwrecked in Bermuda 1609)
Seagulls attacked people (same place where The Birds was written)
Sean Connery (Coffin Polisher)
Sean Connery (Thugs in Dance Hall)
Sears and Roebuck (How it was started) (JR)
Secret recipe for Chocolate (International espionage)
Sedona, Arizona (Origin)
Senate Restaurant (Bugs found 1975) (1987)
Sentry Dog (Vietnam War hero 1966)
Sequoyah (aka George Gist made Cherokee alphabet)
Sergei Rachmaninoff (alcoholic and recovery)
Shawn Graves (Missing muscles and football) (1992)
Shell Oil (Named for conch shells)
Sherman Billingsley (Bootlegger never drank)
Shirley Temple (Child Actors and Black Box)
Shirley Temple (Her Father)
Shirley Temple (the casting couch, laughed)
Shirley Temple's birth (father's tonsils removed)
Shot golf ball through open window (disqualified shot) (1995)
Sidney Poitier (Dishwasher then actor) (JR)
Siegfried Fischbacher (as 8 year old boy)
Sigmund Freud (Dr. Feelgood and cocaine)
Sigmund Freud (His death)
Signers of the Declaration of Independence (paid the price)
Silent Night (Broken organ necessitated a new song)
Sincere (Without wax) (JR)
Singapore (Lion City)
Singing Fish (mating calls 2004)
Sir Benjamin Hall (Big Ben clock bell) (1987)
Sir Walter Raleigh (Prison and botched suicide 1603) (1994)
Sir Walter Scott (Polio as a child) (MUFFLED AUDIO)
Siri (Thai Elephant, artist)
Slaves In White House (James Polk and Zachary Taylor)
SleepTight Infant Soother (for Colic Babies)
Sleepy Tom (Blind race horse)
Smokey Bear (Origin) (1987)
Smth and Dale (Vaudeville partnership)
Snell Johnson (bronze football scultures)
Solomon Shereshevsky (Remembered Everything) (JR)
Sonja Henie (Autograph saved home)
Sonny and Cher (First performance)
Sonny Liston (Prison to boxing) (1987)
South Africa (End of apartheid 1989)
Southern Unionists (Fought for the North - Civil War)
Soviet Union (Their Constitution)
Soybeans (Introduction to the United States)
Space Shuttle Transport (at Cape Canaveral)
Spencer Lewis (Blind black diabetic doctor)
Spider Web (Stronger than Kevlar)
Squanto (His life, enslavement and Pilgrims)
Squirrel Informant (Foiled a robbery)
SS Eastland (Turned over tied to dock)
SS Eastland (Turned over tied to dock) (JR)
St. Joseph Statues (Buried upside down 1991) (NO START)
St. Nicholas (Bearer of gifts)
St. Patrick (Once a slave) (Version 1)
St. Patrick (Once a slave) (Version 2)
St. Paul. MN (originally named Pig's Eye)
St. Valentine (Performed marriages)
St. Valentine Story (Year 270 AD)
Stacey Hillman (Bullet proof vests for police dogs) (JR)
Stan Laurel (Charlie Chaplin gave him his break) (JR)
Stan Laurel (Romances)
Stan Laurel (Romances) (JR)
Stan Musial (Stan the Man, Dead Arm, Baseball) (NO ENDING)
Statue of Liberty (tools left by original building construction used in renovation) (1987)
Stephen Douglas (Railroad through Chicago)
Stephen Foster (Bum and death)
Stephen Hopkins (Right hand and Declaration of Independence)
Stephen King (English Teacher) (whole story)
Stephen Sondheim (Inspired by Oscar Hammerstein as a child)
Stephen Van Rensselaer (cast tie breaker vote for John Quincy Adams)
Stephens Island wren (bird ran like a mouse)
Steve Backus (youngest lawyer and loosing tooth)
Steve Gandy (Golfer with no hands)
Steve Melton (Weightlifter 60 years old)
Steve Soffer (Stunt pilot, accident left him paralyzed)
Steve Whitman (Pilot with only one eye)
Steven Wishire (Autistic artist)
Stonewall Jackson (Tom Fool) (NOISY) (JR)
Stradivarius Violin Not Really Stolen (50 years later)
Sucker Day (Non existant circus, Wetumka, OK)
Sugar Ray Robinson (Boxer)
Sultana (Riverboat, largest maritime disaster) (HQ)
Sunken Treasure (Spanish Carribean)
Super Bowl Mistake (Wrong play executed 1989)
Super Fight (Rocky Marciano vs. Mohammed Ali, winner chosen by computer)
Susan B. Anthony (First woman to vote)
Susan Butcher (women in Iditarod race)
Susan Gross (One woman school faculty)
Susan Lucci (All My Children)
Sybaris vs Croton (Music distracted horses in battle)
Sylvester Graham (Graham Cracker) (1st version)
Sylvester Graham (Graham Cracker) (2nd version)
Sylvester Stalone (Charity ward and severed nerve)