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The Rest of the Story
Stories Starting With the Letter "R"

The Paul Harvey Unofficial Archives has over 3000 episodes of The Rest of the Story. We don't know if we have every single episode that Paul ever did - but we're sure it's darn close!

These files are in MP3 format that can be easily played with a number of programs such as Windows Media Player, VLC Player, and most portable music devices.

In order to save server space and for easier downloads, these files have been stored in ZIP format compressed files. 

The stories that were hosted by Paul Harvey Jr. are noted with (JR) in the file name. Otherwise they were by Paul Harvey. Those denoted with (HQ) are in High Quality audio.


Download File - Letter (R)

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R.J. Reynolds Jr. (Death due to smoking)
Raclawice Panorama (Polish painting of uprising 1894)
Raggedy Ann (doll created for daughter)
Railroad Inventors (women)
Rain Forest tree (Possible cure for AIDS)
Ralph Guldahl (could not play golf after writing book)
Ralph Helfer (almost died changed how animals are trained)
Ralph Nader (His Mother Rebel Rose) (JR)
Ralph Neves (Jockey dead then alive) (HQ)
Ralph Teetor (blind inventor)
Ralph Tucker (Snail Club of America)
Randall Buchanan (Teenage private investigator) (No Beginning)
Rasmus Sornes (Astronomical clockmaker)
Rats as pets (British)
Ray Bateman (Fourteen year old with Colon Cancer)
Ray Floyd and Lee Travino (Golf Match)
Ray Holmes (saved Buckingham Palace in Battle of Britain) (JR)
Ray Kroc (Discovered Amos and Andy players)
Ray Kroc (disovered Amos & Andy, later founded McDonalds)
Ray Kroc (McDonalds)
Ray Milland (Sharp Shooter to Movie Star)
Rear View Mirror (First used Indianapolis 500)
Recovering Golf Balls (Inspired by Paul Harvey story) (1987)
Red Admiral butterfly
Red Blaze (Blind rodeo horse) (1987)
Red Grange (Football player, almost lost leg) (JR)
Red Skelton (Ed Wynn inspired his career)
Red Skelton (Plane crash)
Refund Checks (tightwad stars)
Reggie Jackson (Well spoken)
Reginald De Koven (Oh Promise Me origin)
Regis Philbin (Haunted house) (JR)
Reindeer (Antlers) (JR)
Reinhard Heydrich (Final Solution and Blackmail)
Rembrandt (His Life) (noisy)
Rene Laennec (Stethoscope)
Repton School (Famous students and abuse)
Republican Convention 1920 (Smoke Filled Room)
Retief Goosen (Golfer struck by lightning, later 2001 US Open winner)
Revolutionary War (Others who helped us fight)
Rex Harrison (Flubbed lines)
Rhode Island (Not an island and fight)
Ribs Reproducing (Only bone that can do that)
Richard Bach (Jonathan Livingston Seagull)
Richard Daley (Started as a personal secretary) (JR)
Richard Daley (Was Republican first)
Richard Feynman (mentally deficient and A-bomb) (1987)
Richard Feynman (Unstable Scientist)
Richard Gatling (Gattling Machine Gun)
Richard Hart (Two Gun Hart and Al Capone's brother)
Richard Hornberger (Real life MASH Hawkeye)
Richard Nixon (Answered newspaper ad 1945)
Richard Nixon (Brush with death)
Richard Nixon (Card Shark WWII)
Richard Nixon (Courtship of his wife Pat)
Richard Nixon (Fireball and College Years)
Richard Nixon (his grandmother)
Richard Nixon (his grandparents and Friendly Persuasion)
Richard Nixon (His great grandmother and Friendly Persuasion)
Richard Nixon (Love Affair with future wife Pat) (1993)
Richard Nixon (Nick's Hamburger Stand) (NOISY)
Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart (Blue Moon origin)
Richard Simmons (Lost weight)
Richard Wagner (Here Comes The Bride)
Richard Wagner (Pet dog knows good music)
Rick Hansen (Canadian who traveled the world in a wheelchair)
Rick Saphire (magician and down syndrome fan)
Ring Around the Rosie (Black Death and Nursery Rhyme) (NOISY)
Roanoke Island (lost colony, driest year on record)
Robbers in Orlando, FL Sears Store (lost in duct work)
Robert Baden-Powell (Boer War and Boy Scouts)
Robert Dellinger (wrote TV shows, learned to write in prison)
Robert E. Lee (Animal Lover)
Robert E. Lee (Did not want to lead Union army) (1994)
Robert E. Lee (His father Lighthorse Harry)
Robert E. Lee (Troubles after Civil War)
Robert E. Lee (Yankee Lover after Civil War)
Robert E. Lee's father (Light Horse Harry)
Robert Edwards (Treasure Island)
Robert Fulton (Artist)
Robert Goddard (Rockets) (Version 1)
Robert Goddard (Rockets) (Version 2)
Robert Keayne (Sin to sell for profit Boston 1639) (1998)
Robert Kennedy (Son and undertow)
Robert L. Ripley (playboy)
Robert L. Ripley (Story on Taps and his death)
Robert Louis Stevenson (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)
Robert Massie (son with hemophilia and book)
Robert Morris (Debtor's prision and visit from George Washington)
Robert Morris (His father, predicted his death)
Robert Oppenheimer (Mineral Hound)
Robert Peel (Britian's Bobbies)
Robert Redford (Starving Artist)
Robert Reed & Gene Hackman (Brady Bunch)
Robert Ripley (Believe it Not)
Robert Schuller (Book called Giant)
Robert Schumann (His wife Clara Wieck)
Robert Schumann (Mental illness)
Robert Southey (Goldilocks author)
Robert Todd Lincoln (Committed mother Mary)
Robert Todd Lincoln (Presidents died, jinxed)
Robert Todd Lincoln (Wanted to fight in Civil War) (NOISY)
Rocky Bleier (End zone catch in Super Bowl 13)
Rocky Marciano (First played baseball and football)
Rocky Marciano (Uncle taught him how to fight) (NOISY)
Rocky Marciano (Wanted to be baseball player) (version 1)
Rocky Marciano (Wanted to be baseball player) (version 2)
Rocky Mountain Training Center (fat farm for dogs)
Rodeo Ropes (made in Texas)
Rodgers and Hammerstein (First meeting)
Rodney Brown (Misdiagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis)
Rodney Dangerfield (First a paint salesman)
Roger Johnson (Stolen bicycle and bombs stuck) (Part 1)
Roger Johnson (Stolen bicycle and bombs stuck) (Part 2)
Roger Smith (One job available at GM)
Roger Williams (Grave and apple tree)
Roger Williams (Kicked out of school for playing pop music)
Roger Williams (Was first a prize fighter)
Rolls Royce Locks (Advanced locks based upon Egyptian locks)
Rome Burning (Caused by arson)
Ron Howard (Became an actor at age 3)
Ron Toomer (Roller coaster designer)
Ronald Coleman (Soldier in WWI and later actor)
Ronald Reagan (Autograph)
Ronald Reagan (Cafe Coronary)
Ronald Reagan (Fought labor union)
Ronald Reagan (Harold Bell Wright and Baptism) (Version 1)
Ronald Reagan (Harold Bell Wright and Baptism) (Version 2) (JR)
Ronald Reagan (His father) (JR)
Ronald Reagan (Lifeguard) (version 1)(NOISY)
Ronald Reagan (Lifeguard) (version 2)
Ronald Reagan (Near sighted and calvary) (noisy) (1989)
Ronald Reagan (Son in pool)
Ronald Reagan (Wheaties and screen test) (NOISY)
Ronnie Millsap (Blind singer and childhood)
Ronnie West (armless football kicker and swimmer)
Rose Gorelick (Furniture tycoon 95 year old woman)
Rose O'Neill (Kewpie Doll) (JR)
Rose O'Neill (Known for Kewpie Doll and monster paintings)
Rosie Black (Softball pitcher)
Ross Perot (His mother helped hobos) (NO BEGINNING)
Rotary Club (Founded in 1905)
Rowland Macy (first Macy's parade 1854) (NOISY)
Rowland Macy (six failures before success)
Roy Acuff (Sun stroke and baseball) (JR)
Roy Chapman Andrews (Indiana Jones in real life)
Roy Horn (Quicksand and dog, developed love for animals)
Roy Rogers (Birthplace later Riverfront Stadium)
Roy Sullivan (Lightning strikes man 7 times) (JR)
Royal Grennwich Observatory (Spider saves telescope)
Rudolph Ganz (Comeback Concert)
Rudolph Ganz (Concert on Piano Roll died 13 years earlier)
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Gene Autry almost turned it down)
Rudolph Valentino (Fist Fight 1925)
Rudolph Valentino (Wedding Night and failed marriage)
Rudyard Kipling (His childhood)
Rudyard Kipling (prevented elephant from being killed) (1994)
Rudyard Kipling (Saves elephant)
Rupert the Parrot (saved family from fire)
Russell Green (Oldest glider pilot)
Russell Ogg (blind photographer and hummingbirds)
Ruth Graham (Problem Son Frank)
Rutherford B. Hayes (First President to use the Telephone)
Ryan Lloyd (Basketball Hero)