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The Rest of the Story
Stories Starting With the Letter "P"

The Paul Harvey Unofficial Archives has over 3000 episodes of The Rest of the Story. We don't know if we have every single episode that Paul ever did - but we're sure it's darn close!

These files are in MP3 format that can be easily played with a number of programs such as Windows Media Player, VLC Player, and most portable music devices.

In order to save server space and for easier downloads, these files have been stored in ZIP format compressed files. 

The stories that were hosted by Paul Harvey Jr. are noted with (JR) in the file name. Otherwise they were by Paul Harvey. Those denoted with (HQ) are in High Quality audio.


Download File - Letter (P)

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P. T. Barnum (Ivy Island)
P. T. Barnum (Jerome Clock Company)
P. T. Barnum (Shopkeeper and religious controversy)
P.T. Barnum (Five Bricks)
Pablo Picaso (Piegon no dove for peace)
Pablo Picasso (Art Museum)
Pablo Picasso (king of the rag pickers)
Pablo Picasso (poor at 22, burned paintings to keep warm)
Pablo Picasso (Still born and cigar smoke) (1993)
Pablo Picasso (Was Maruice's only gradndson) (NOISY)
Pacemaker (installed in a dog)
Paddington Bear (Teddy bear named for Paddington station)
Palisades, Nevada (High crime, all fake)
Pancho Villa (His life)
Paper (created due to a linen shortage) (1987)
Paper Towels (developed from defective toilet paper)
Parachute Jump (first from military plane 1912)
Pat Summerall (Malformed foot and football)
Patent for Wheel (done on a bet) (1987)
Patrick Brante (Irish poet)
Patrick Bronte (Daughters made up stories about their father)
Patrick Bronte (Story Teller of County Down)
Patrick Ferguson (British sharp shooter almost killed George Washington)
Patrick Henry (kept wife in cellar)
Paul Galvin (founded Motorola with a battery eliminator)
Paul Gauguin (Tahiti artist)
Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee and New Faces) (1988)
Paul McCartney (Bit part in play)
Paul McCartney (His mothers's passing)
Paul Newman (Arrested on Long Island 1956)
Paul Newman (Replacement for James Dean)
Paul Newman (Replacement for James Dean) (JR)
Paul Revere (Dentist and False Teeth)
Paul Revere (His daughter's ride)
Paul Revere (His father was a Huguenot refugee)
Paul Wittgenstein (One Armed Pianist)
Payne Stewart (his father and cancer)
Peanut Butter (to prevent protein deficiency)
Pearl Harbor (America show Japanese how to attack)
Pearl Harbor (Americans shot Japanese sub first)
Pearl Harbor (One month before attack)
Pearl S. Buck (in China)
Penaia Ganilau (Fiji Islands chief's funeral 1993)
Pennsylvania (Named for William Penn's father)
Pennsylvania (Named for William Penn's father) (JR)
People (Ice age people were civilized) (1987)
Pepperidge Farm Bread (origin) (1993)
Percy Spencer (microwave oven)
Peregrine Brownlow (keepsake ariel bomb)
Pet squirrel (companion to woman with cancer)
Pete Fountain (Sick as a child)
Pete Gray (Baseball player played with handicap)
Pete Maravich (basketball player with heart defect died age 40)
Pete Maravich (basketball player with heart defect died age 40) (JR)
Peter Han (starving Chinese child to GM exec)
Peter III of Russia (crowned 34 years after death 1796) (1993)
Peter Jennings (Dropout)
Peter Roget (Thesaurus)
Peter Tchaikovsky (1812 Overature, concussionist)
Peter Tchaikovsky (pen pals)
Peter The Great (formed superior army at age 10)
Peyote indians (Smoke Signals Too Slow)
Phantom Soldier in Vietnam War (sent substitute) (NO START)
Phil and Tony Esposito (Two bothers on opposite hockey teams)
Philip Anderson (Shocking Gambler and Blackjack)
Philip Spencer (hanged for failed mutiny)
Philippe I (Grandfather of Europe)
Philo Farnsworth (Father of television)
Pied Piper of Hamelin (Lured children away) (1987)
Pierre Etchebaster (Court Tennis star retired at age 60)
Pierre Hetzel (provided advice for Jules Verne's books)
Pierre-Auguste Renoir (his last years)
Pierre-Auguste Renoir (Saved Lives)
Pigeons (used by Germans in WWII for reconnaissance)
Pilgrims (First communists)
Pilgrims (Originated in Holland)
Pillar of Salt (may have been caused by earthquakes)
Pine Tree (oldest living thing 4862 years old cut down 1964)
Pitbull Dog (rescued people during 1994 California floods)
Placebo Effect (Works for surgery as well)
Platinum (used in Spanish cannons)
Platinum (worthless now precious metal) (JR)
Pluto (Discovery of planet in 1902)
Pluto (planet discovered by deduction Percival Lowell)
Plymouth Colony (naughty people, not pure Puritans)
Pocahantas (Known as Lady Rebecca in England)
Podunk (former Indian tribe in Connecticut) (1998)
Polish Strikers (Jamestown 1608 strike) (Version 1)
Polish Strikers (Jamestown 1608 strike) (Version 2)
Pony Express (Persia 2500 years ago) (Version 1)
Pony Express (Persia) (Version 2)
Poon Lim (Survived shipwreck 133 days) (Part 1)
Pop Warner (unconventional coach) (Part 1)
Pop Warner (unconventional coach) (Part 2)
Pope Celestine V (Kidnapped 600 Years After Death)
Pope Joan (Female Pope 855 AD) (1987)
Pope John Paul I (Lost mother's money) (JR)
Pope John Paul II (his youth and why he decided to be a priest)
Pope John XII (His life) (NOISY)
Popeye (Origin in comics)
Popeye (Real people who inspired comic strip)
Popeye (Spinach)
Popham Colony (first colony in Maine, same time as Jamestown) (1998)
Pornographic tape (Arizona High School Football)
Potato (Almost banned for eating)
Potato (Buried treasure in France)
Potato (Buried treasure in France) (JR)
Potato Chip (made for Cornelius Vanderbilt)
Presidents Marry Widows (Wilson, Madison, Washington)
Prince Charles (Car ride in snow) (HQ)
Prince Charles (First to attend school, did poorly)
Prince Charles (His Great Great Grandparents)
Prince Henry of Prussia (offer was made for him to be King of USA)
Prince Philip (His childhood and escape from Greece) (Version 1)
Prince Philip (His childhood and escape from Greece) (Version 2)
Prince Ranier of Monaco (His sister Antoinette)
Princes in the Tower of London (suspected killed by Richard III)
Princess Caroline (prohibited from attending her own coronation)
Princess Diana (as a young woman)
Princess Diana (Dutchess)
Princess Diana (Her car stolen) (JR)
Princess Diana's car (car stolen, from car's point of view)
Princess Ileana of Romania (Exile as Mother Alexandra in Pennsylvania)
Priscilla the Life Saving Pig (saved kid from drowning)
Prison Bridge Club (Missouri) (1989)
Prison Plastic Surgery (Texas, no longer allowed)
Proctor and Gamble (Brothers in law became partners)
Puritans (Not so pure 300 years ago)
Purple Heart Battalion (Japanese-American soldiers WW2)