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The Rest of the Story
Stories Starting With the Letter "M"

The Paul Harvey Unofficial Archives has over 3000 episodes of The Rest of the Story. We don't know if we have every single episode that Paul ever did - but we're sure it's darn close!

These files are in MP3 format that can be easily played with a number of programs such as Windows Media Player, VLC Player, and most portable music devices.

In order to save server space and for easier downloads, these files have been stored in ZIP format compressed files. 

The stories that were hosted by Paul Harvey Jr. are noted with (JR) in the file name. Otherwise they were by Paul Harvey. Those denoted with (HQ) are in High Quality audio.


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Ma Barker and Alvin Karpis
Madam C. J. Walker (black woman entrepreneur)
Mahatma Gandhi (First Case) (1988)
Mahatma Gandhi (Lawyer) (1988)
Mahlon Loomis (Wireless Telegraphy)
Malcolm Baldrige (commerce secretary was also cowboy) (1987)
Man of War (Beloved racehorse that died) (JR)
Man Who Never Was (Provided decoy for WW2 attack on Sicily)
Man won't die for life insurance (scheme did not work)
Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron, Slow Learner) (JR)
Manhattan (con man wanted it to be sawed in half)
Manhattan (con man wanted it to be sawed in half) (JR)
Manhattan Purchase (local Indians did not own it)
Manuel Noriega (Double Agent)
Marathon (Greek messenger)
Maravillas (Spanish ship sunk in Bermuda Triangle)
Marco Polo (adventures of his father and uncle)
Marconi (inventor of wireless)
Marcus Didius Julianus (bought Roman Empire at auction)
Margaret Brent (First woman lawyer) (HQ)
Margaret Hamilton (Wizard of Oz scared her son)
Margaret Mitchell (Gone With The Wind Author and broken ankle - Version 1)
Margaret Mitchell (Gone With The Wind Author and broken ankle - Version 2)
Margaret Mitchell (Gone With The Wind author and Jonesboro, GA)
Margaret Mitchell (Gone with the Wind author at 10 years old)
Margaret Sanger (founded Planned Parenthood)
Margarine (development and banned in many places)
Marie Antoinette (False Accusations)
Marie Laveau (almost stopped hanging July 1852)
Marie Laveau (Queen of Voodoo) (1987)
Mario Andretti (Uncle Bruno and motorcycle)
Mario Lanza (at Army base in Texas)
Mark Alarie (Van for brother)
Mark McGwire (Wanted to be pitcher) (HQ)
Mark Twain (Wife was his editor)
Marlene Dietrich (First a violinist) (JR)
Marriage (Illegal by church 1647)
Marriage (The Best Man and Honeymoon origins)
Marshall Plummer (Killer Henry was one in the same) 1864 (NOISY)
Martin Luther (became a monk) (Version 1)
Martin Luther (became a monk) (Version 2)
Martin Luther King Jr. (at 6 and dream)
Marty Venker (Secret Service agent turned punk rocker)
Mary (dead 90 years and waiting for fiancee)
Mary Ann Brown Patten (saved ship)
Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science and faith healing)
Mary Doyle (Model for Rosie the Riveter was really a telephone operator)
Mary Had A Little Lamb (girl behind story)
Mary Hays (took over cannon when husband collapsed)
Mary Katherine Goddard (Baltimore Postmaster 1775) (1998)
Mary Mallon (Typhoid Mary)
Mary Martin (Bing Crosby and singing)
Mary Rodas (Toy Tycoon) (Version 1)
Mary Rodas (Toy Tycoon) (Version 2)
Mary Shelley (Frankenstein creator)
Mary Surratt (First woman executed in USA) (JR)
Mary Todd Lincoln (notch in fence)
Mary Tyler Moore (brother dying of cancer)
Mary Walker (Cvil War doctor and cross dresser) (NOISY)
Mary, Queen of Scots (Woman golfer and start of caddy) (1995)
Mason Dixon Line (survey of MD and PA)
Mason Dixon Line (survey of MD and PA) (JR) (LOW VOLUME)
Mason Weems (Made up story about cherry tree) (JR)
Mata Hari (How she came to be)
Matanikau river beach massacre WW2 (another Custer)
Mathias Rust (German teenager pilot who flew to Moscow 1987)
Mathieu Boya (destroyed air force with a single golf shot)
Matthew Biondi (Olympic swimmer practiced with dolphins 1988)
Matthew Henson (black man who really discovered the North Pole) (Version 1)
Matthew Henson (black man who really discovered the North Pole) (Version 2)
Mau Se Tung (Women's Lib)
Maurice Chauvet (pharmacist during WWI)
Maury Gaddy (Blind football player)
Max Baer (Boxing champion)
Max Conrad (pilot whacked in propellor) (1987)
Maxim's (Paris restaurant history) (JR)
Maya Angalu (Bill Clinton innaguration poetry)
Mayberry USA (Mt. Airy and Andy Griffith) (1987)
Mayflower (fun folks and no beer)
Mayflower (the voyage)
Mayflower (timbers now a barn in England)
Mayflower (two little boys and explosion)
McLean House (was looted after civil war ended)
Mean Street (14th Street Washington DC)
Mel Blanc (car accident)
Melvin Perry (sketched Jesus on prison wall) (version 1)
Melvin Perry (sketched Jesus on prison wall) (version 2)
Menachem Begin (hid in ceiling)
Mercades car (named after daughter)
Mercades car (named after daughter) (JR) (low volume)
Merele Haggerd (once in jail)
Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. (Churchill Downs 1899)
Merv Griffin and Tallulah Bankhead ($100 bills)
Mia Farrow (polio as a kid)
Michael Jackson's miracle (encourage sick kid to get well)
Michael Jordan (not good enough)
Michael Landon (and his mother at 18)
Michael Landon (javelin throwing)
Michael Naranjo (blind sculptor & Vietnam vet) (1990)
Michelangelo (and competitor Raphael)
Michelangelo (disfigured)
Michelangelo (last judgement)
Michelangelo (poet first)
Michelangelo (statue of King David) (1992)
Michelangelo (the forger and statue)
Michigan (nobody wanted it) (1987)
Mick Jagger (Bit off part of tongue)
Mickey Finn (origin)
Mickey Mantle (Almost gave up baseball)
Mickey Mantle (childhood disease)
Mickey Mouse & Willy (silent movies)
Mickey Rooney (all washed up at age 5)
Mickey Spillane (Children's Books)
Mike Bergie (heart transplant, football kicker)
Mike Bowling (invented Pound Puppies)
Mike Lockhart (one man basketball team)
Mike Tyson (fairy boy then robber and boxer)
Mill Road Golf Course (designed for Albert Lasker)
Millard Fillmore (hated the White House)
Milo of Croton (Strong man)
Milton Berle (first acting job at age 4)
Milton Bradley (lithographer and board games)
Milton Caniff (Terry and the Pirates)
Milton Hershey (caramels to chocolate)
Milton Hershey (push cart) (1987)
Minnie (the singing mouse) (JR)
Minnie Pearl (old woman was inspiration)
Minnie Pearl (Strained voice)
Miranda rights (origin)
Miss America (first 1921)
Miss America (first one was married 1919)
Miss America (first one was married 1919) (JR)
Missing School Sweater (found 28 years later)
Missouri Sam (Meter Reader and Indiana Jones)
Moby Dick (Real life sea monster) (1987)
Moby Dick (really existed, insipred book)
Moe Berg (super spy and baseball)
Moe Norman (best golfer)
Moen Faucet (how it was invented)
Molly Corbin (first female vet pensioner)
Mona Lisa (painting stolen 1913)
Mona Lisa (second original painting possible)
Monaco (Transformation)
Monkey talker (abandonded at age 2 for four years) (plus news)
Monopoly First (depression and Atlantic City)
Monticello (was in ruins late 1800s)
Moon Landing (auto pilot failed)
Mordecai Brown (Three Finger Brown - Baseball pitcher) (1987)
Morgan Fairchild (ugly duckling)
Mortimer Adler (could not dive or swim)
Most lopsided football game (Two high schools in KS 256-0)
Most perfect game of Golf (Byron Nelson and others) (1995)
Mother Goose (satire of British royalty) (1987)
Mother Lifts Car Off Girl (pinned under car)
Mother Teresa (her mother)
Mother Teresa (why she became a nun)
Mothers Dying In Child Birth (could have been prevented by washing hands)
Motion Picture (horse flying)
Mount McKinley (sourdough expedition 1910)
Mount Pelee (erupted 1902 and one person lived)
Mountain Men, war & Indians (Code Talkers) (1992)
Movie Posters (Found in walls of home)
Mrs. Nash (Custer's Calvary laundress was a man)
Mt. McKinley (first ascent and 14 foot flagpole) (JR)
Mulligan (golf mid 1930s)
Murder for nothing (icd cold blood and $40)
Murder She Wrote (real life amateur sleuth)
Murine (origin)
Musicians Could Not Read Music (Bing Crosby, Irving Berlin, Noel Coward)
Mutiny on the Bounty (mission was to get breadfruit)
Mutley Alba (ski and scuba diving dog) (1987)
My Fair Lady (history of the musical)
My Fair Lady (history of the play)
Mystery Hiker in Alaska (100 day hike found dead)