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The Rest of the Story
Stories Starting With the Letter "J"

The Paul Harvey Unofficial Archives has over 3000 episodes of The Rest of the Story. We don't know if we have every single episode that Paul ever did - but we're sure it's darn close!

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In order to save server space and for easier downloads, these files have been stored in ZIP format compressed files. 

The stories that were hosted by Paul Harvey Jr. are noted with (JR) in the file name. Otherwise they were by Paul Harvey. Those denoted with (HQ) are in High Quality audio.


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J. D. Salinger (Seymour Glass and Valley Forge Military Academy)
J. Edgar Hoover (popover recipe)
J. Paul Barnett (concussionist)
Jack Benny (almost toured with the Marx Brothers)
Jack Benny (Blind Date and heckler)
Jack Benny (Scratches on his face)
Jack Benny (Scratches on his face) (JR)
Jack Daniel (Whisky smuggler)
Jack Dempsy (mugged in taxi NYC)
Jack Hillers (Boatman turned photographer, Grand Canyon) (1993)
Jack Kevorkian (ghastly artist)
Jack Kilby (integrated circuit)
Jack Lemmon (his mother Millie)
Jack McGurn (Al Capone's Machine Gun Man, Golfer)
Jack Nickalus (tagged along with father golf age 10)
Jack Nicklaus (fainting father)
Jack Nicklaus (story from his caddy in 1998)
Jack Reich (disabled Artist)
Jack the Ripper (Prince Eddy Albert Victor)
Jackie Cole (death wishes, coma and awake)
Jackie Mitchell (17 year old girl struck out Babe Ruth 1931 version 2)
Jackie Mitchell (first female pitcher at 17 1931 version 1)
Jackie Mitchell (first female pitcher at 17 1931 version 1) (JR)
Jackie Mitchell (girl baseball player struck out Yankees)
Jacob Schick (Invented electric razor)_C32_a7
Jacque Cousteau (car accident and swimming)
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (necklace given away in box of chocolates)
Jacques Cousteau (summer camp as a kid)
Jacques d'Amboise (Hells Kitchen to Ballerina)
Jacques d'Amboise (Tough Guy Turns to Ballet)
James Abbott Whistler (Arms smuggler later artist)
James Arness (War injury)
James Audubon (Lazy shopkeeper)
James Barrie (Lost Boys and Peter Pan)
James Barry (Female Surgeon General)
James Barry (Inspector General was female)
James Bartley (Swollowed whole by whale) (No beginning)
James Brendan Connolly (Olympics sweet victory and bake sale)
James Cagney (Broke Tooth)
James Cagney (Chorus Girl) (Version 1)
James Cagney (Chorus Girl) (Version 2)
James Cagney (Imitated pimp)
James Cash Penney (started over at age 56)
James Dean (died in car crash) (Part 1)
James Dean (died in car crash) (Part 2)
James Dean (nearsighted)
James Earl Jones (stutterer as kid)
James Garfield (Alexander Graham Bell tried to find Bullet)
James Garfield (Assassinated and medical malpractice)
James Garfield (On Ohio canal)
James Island (memory of animals over 200 years)
James Kelly (Subway worker who smelled for problems)
James Lawrence (Don't Give Up The Ship) (Version 1)
James Lawrence (Don't Give Up The Ship) (Version 2)
James Madison (White house burned War of 1812)
James Pierpont (Jingle Bells songwriter)
James Polk (Gallstones removed at age 17) (1994)
James Smithson (illegitimate, provided funding for Smithsonian)
James Watt (mathmatical instruments)
James Whistler (his father George) (1987)
James Whistler (his mother and brother)
James Whistler (Interior Decorator)
James Whistler Painting (Blue Girl and Maggie)
Jamestown (Starving time and Story of Two Tribes) (HQ)
Jane Doss (Purchased what is now downtown Atlanta)
Jane Fonda (ancestor was also activist)
Japamese Submarine Captain (bombed American oilfield for personal revenge)
Japan Saves Two Rocks (vanishing island) (no ending) (1988)
Japanese Diplomat (saved thousands of Jews in WWII Germany)
Japanese ship (captured on day Hiroshima was bombed)
Japanese Ship captured (End of WW2 no shots fired)
Japanese Submarine (Sunk before start of Pearl Harbor attack)
Japanese Surrender WW2 (Translation errors brought on atomic bomb attacks)
Japenese Bomb Kills 5 In US WW2 1945 (version 1)
Japenese Bomb Kills 5 In US WW2 1945 (version 2)
Jaws movie (Bruce, the stand in shark robot)
Jay Gould (helped form Metropolitan Opera) (1992)
Jay Leno (got revenge for his father)
Jay Leno (homeless comedian)
Jay's Potato Chips (Al Capone wanted potato chips)
Jean Batiste (Suicide a Crime)
Jean de Sperati (Stamp forger)
Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin (French magician in Africa)
Jean Nicolet (Looked for short cut to China, discovered Green Bay, WI)
Jeb Clayton (Blind Mechanic In Texas)
Jefferson Davis (former slave bought his old plantation)
Jefferson Davis (wife died of malaria after three months)
Jeffery Orth (Once a war protester now a supporter)
Jello (total flop for first 50 years)
Jens Nygaard (Bum before becoming conductor at Lincoln Center)
Jeremy Bentham (Still attends board meetings after death) (JR)
Jeremy Pinchot (young Republican raised in a commune)
Jerome Hines (Kicked Out Glee Club)
Jerome Kern (accidently ordered too many pianos)
Jerry Fallwell (his father and uncle)
Jerry Fallwell (the weak twin)
Jerry Kramer (accident prone and Green Bay Packers) (1987)
Jerry Kramer (NFL championship game 1967 and accidents)
Jerry Lewis (Almost committed suicide)
Jerry Trailer (Cerebal palsy)
Jersey Joe Walcott (came out of retirement to win)
Jersey Joe Walcott (came out of retirement to win) (NOISY)
Jesse Hiatt (Red Delicious Apples)
Jesse James (Crime did not pay)
Jesse James (helped poor widow)
Jesse James (his brother Frank and $2 million still buried)
Jesse Owens (donated oak tree to Ohio State University)
Jesse Owens (injured back playing golf)
Jesse Owens (operation, endurance of pain)
Jesse Owens (race against horse)
Jesus Christ (modern description of his death)
Jesus Christ (shroud and old coins in eyes)
Jewish Museum in Prauge (founded by Hitler)
Jewish Song (words added to ancient song)
Jim and Tammy Bakker (opening of Hampton Coliseum)
Jim Bakker (first performance was in nursing home) (HQ)
Jim Bakker (grandfather influenced him to be a huckster)
Jim Bowie (Bowie knife)
Jim Carrey (Tried not to be like his father) (NOISY)
Jim Elliott (Scrawny kid bicycle racer)
Jim Harrison (Wolf) (NOISY)
Jim Otis (wanted to be struck by lightning)
Jim Patridge (Black Belt Expert No Legs)
Jim Patridge (Legless Vietnam vet saves drowning baby) (1987)
Jim Thorpe (stripped of gold medals, died broke)
Jim Trent (obsession with number 27)
Jimmy Doolittle (1931 Indinapolis 500, nonstop with diesel engine)
Jimmy Doolittle (Tokyo bombing)
Jimmy Durante (Good Night Mrs. Calibash)
Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda (accordian playing Times Square 1930s)
Jimmy Trent (Number 27)
Jo Ann Smith (first female cattlemen's association president, blabber mouth)
Joan Lunden (father died in plane crash)
Joan Miro (Harlequin's Carnival)
Joan Rivers (Blind date)
Joan Rivers (Prostitute story)
Jockey Raplph Neves (Dead & Alive)
Jody Foster (played Becky Thatcher in 1973 Tom Sawyer movie)
Joe DiMaggio (marriage to Dorothy Arnold)
Joe DiMaggio (no fisherman)
Joe Hazelwood (Exxon Valdez Oil Spill)
Joe Hazelwood (Nature boy and Exxon Valdez)
Joe Kittinger (Vietnam POW & Balloonist)
Joe Lewis (class sissy)
Joe Lewis (fast eyes)
Joe Lewis (fought for equal rights for blacks)
Joe Namath (Too small to play sports)
Joe Siebert (out of prison into another)
Joe Simpson (Twice-Hanged, Headless Hooch) (JR)
Joel Roberts Poinsett (Poinsettia)
Johann and Joseph Strauss (brothers, Joseph took over for Johann)
Johann Bottger (Porcelain)
Johann Friedrich Oberlin (founded kindergarten)
Johann Rall (Prussian colonel hired gun for England died in Trenton)
Johann Sebastian Bach (church organist and jail bird) (HQ)
Johann Strauss (Father forbid son to learn music)
Johannes Brahms (Playing Piano in Brothels)
John Adams (defended soldiers in Boston Massacre)
John Adams (took three month vacation while president)
John Andre (British General robbed, saved Revolutionary war)
John Audobon (forced to eat his birds)
John Audubon (Conservationist once killed animals)
John Bunyan (The Pilgrim's Progress)
John Calvin (Swiss Watches)
John Clem (Civil War soldier age 13, Damn Little Yankee) (1987)
John Colter (Explored where Yellowstone National Park is located)
John Cook (discovered the Kangaroo)
John D. Rockefeller (father a cheat and con artist)
John D. Rockefeller (Grand Teton National Park)
John D. Rockefeller (JR)
John Deere (blacksmith and improved plow) (1987)
John Dillinger (bad luck with women) (NOISY) (PARTS MISSING)
John Dillinger (botched plastic surgery)
John Dillinger (heart broken)
John Dunlop (first pneumatic tire)
John Duns Scotus (first dunce, not dumb) (1st version)
John Duns Scotus (first dunce, not dumb) (2nd version)
John F. Kennedy (author not politician
John F. Kennedy (his grandfather - newspaper boy)
John F. Kennedy (Scrimshaw)
John F. Kennedy (sickly kid)
John Gambling (radio host on WOR) (1990)
John Gates (Barbed Wire salesman, product nobody wanted)
John Glenn (on Name That Tune) (1987)
John Gorrie (Inventor of Referigeration)
John Greenleaf Whittier (Farmboy poet)
John Harrison (Both father and son to US Presidents)
John Harrison (both son and father of presidents)
John Harvard (founded Harvard University)
John Heisman (football coach) (1992)
John Henry (Doc Holiday)
John Hertz (Yellow Cab and rental cars)
John Hertz (Yellow Cab and rental cars) (JR)
John Hopps (Pacemaker inventor needed one) (1987)
John Houseman (how the 1929 stock market crash changed his career)
John Huddleston (found diamonds on his farm in Arkansas 1906) (1998)
John Joseph Merlin (Invented Roller Skates)
John Keats (Pharmacist then poet)
John Kellogg (first sex book 1879 Plain Facts)
John L Sullivan (Defended younger brother)
John L. Sullivan (Beat By Woman)
John L. Sullivan (boxer turned actor)
John L. Sullivan (his kid brother and boxing)
John L. Sullivan (Woman knocked him out in boxing match)
John Lennon (his aunt Mimi and guitar)
John Lloyd Wright (Frank's son, Lincoln Logs)
John Major (dropout and on welfare later Prime Minister)
John Miller (blind and news carrier of the year)
John Milton (Paradise Lost)
John Newton (sailor to minister, Amazing Grace)
John Paul Jones (also fought for the Russian navy)
John Paul Jones (Hopkins retreat)
John Philip Sousa (Washington Post March)
John Quincy Adams (at age 63)
John Quincy Adams (cuff links and his son)
John Quincy Adams (Served in Congress after being president)
John Quincy Adams (skinny dipping while President)
John Renie (stone puzzle tombstone)
John Robbins (didn't want to run family business)
John Rock (Test Tube Babies and the Pill)
John Spilsbury (Jigsaw Puzzle inventor)
John Stafford Smith (Wrote music for Star Spangled Banner) (1990)
John Travolta (Last of six children) (JR)
John Tyler (Johnny Reb)
John Tyler (secret wedding)
John Vaughan (seed company CEO no gardner)
John Wayne (birthday party sniper)
John Wayne (sissy in school and Big Duke)
John Wayne (skinny kid & dog)
John Wesley (Lived in haunted house)
John Wesley (Saved from house fire as child)
John Wilder (Surrendered troops)
John Wilkes Booth (attempted murder 1861)
John Wilkes Booth (his brother)
John Wilkes Booth (his escape after assassination)
John Wilkes Booth (his father also an actor)
Johnny Appleseed (Bride's death inspired him to plant apple seeds)
Johnny Appleseed (land baron) (JR)
Johnny Appleseed (preacher)
Johnny Carson (first TV show a flop 1955)
Johnny Carson (last minute fill-in for Red Skelton)
Johnny Carson (tinsel town)
Johnny Gruelle (Created Raggedy Ann in honor of his daughter)
Johnny Mathis (Athlete before singer) (JR)
Johnny Miller (1973 US Open winner) (JR)
Johnny Miller (Too many golf clubs)
Johnny Unitas (His mother and Scrub Woman) (1987)
Johnny Unitas (Too Small John)
Jon Erikson (English Channel swimmer father and son)
Jonas Hanway (Philantropist and umbrella) (Version 1)
Jonas Hanway (Philantropist and umbrella) (Version 2) (JR)
Jonathan Swift (wrote Gulliver's Travels)
Jose De La Mora (Wrestler with no legs)
Josef Breuer (influenced Sigmund Freud) (JR)
Josefina Guerrero (Italian spy)
Josefina Guerrero (WW2 spy and Leprosy)
Joseph Cinque (Slave became slave trader)
Joseph Stalin (his childhood)
Josephine Cochrane (invented dishwasher 1886) (HQ)
Joseph-Maurice Ravel (French composer, his last years)
Joshua Abraham Norton (Emperor Norton of San Francisco) (1987)
Joshua Chamberlain (civil war injury, 50 years to die)
Joshua Tatum (gold plated nickels 1883) (Version 1)
Joshua Tatum (gold plated nickels 1883) (Version 2)
Josiah Henson (The real Uncle Tom)
Joyce Brothers (in school)
Joyce Brothers age 12 (joke on camp counselor that backfired)
Joyce Hall (boy with girl name, founder of Hallmark cards) (1988)
Judas (Did not mean for Jesus to die)
Judge and Public Defender (are husband and wife)
Judy Collins (attempted suicide and bottle of aspirin)
Judy Garland (almost not born)_D73_b1
Jules Leotard (Trapeze artist and outfit) (JR)
Jules' Undersea Lodge (hotel under ocean)
Jules Vern (dreamer shot by nephew) (1993)
Julia Child (learned to cook at age 34) (1987)
Julia Child (learned to cook at age 34) (JR)
Julian Mitchell (Helped produce Ziegfeld Follies even though he was deaf)
Julie Andrews (as 8 year old)
Julie Andrews (childrens books)
Julie Andrews (My Fair Lady)
Julio Iglesias (Car accident)
Julio Iglesias (His father)
Julius Caesar (bad lawyer)
Julius Caesar (Julian calendar)
Julius Caesar (kidnapped by pirates)
Jurassic Park (making)