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The Rest of the Story
Stories Starting With the Letter "G"

The Paul Harvey Unofficial Archives has over 3000 episodes of The Rest of the Story. We don't know if we have every single episode that Paul ever did - but we're sure it's darn close!

These files are in MP3 format that can be easily played with a number of programs such as Windows Media Player, VLC Player, and most portable music devices.

In order to save server space and for easier downloads, these files have been stored in ZIP format compressed files. 

The stories that were hosted by Paul Harvey Jr. are noted with (JR) in the file name. Otherwise they were by Paul Harvey. Those denoted with (HQ) are in High Quality audio.


Download File - Letter (G)

Click on the above link to download the ZIP file for Stories that start with the the letter "G"

Gaddafi's Torch (an American bought explosives) (1987)
Gadsby Novel (did not use letter E)
Gail Borden (evaporated milk)
Gallo Wine (struggling grain farmer)
Gammaland (discovery of Alaska)
Garfield the Cat (origin) (1988)
Garrett Morgan (Gas mask inventor a black man)
Garth Brooks (Wanted to be songwriter)
Gary Cooper (Failed baby photographer)
Gary Cooper (Grace Kelly and High Noon)
Gary Cooper (Model T accident)
Gary Player (Enthusiastic fan and hand shake)
Gas Crisis (Predicted in 1923)
Geese (warning system used since Roman times)
Geisha Girls Japan (some are men)
Gene Aspley (Delinquent to Eagle Scout)
Gene Roddenberry (Childhood and science fiction)
Gene Roddenberry (his father predicted the future)
Gene Sarazen (invented the Sand Wedge)
General Slocum (Paddle Wheel Boat Fire NY Harbor 1904) (1998)
General Walton Walker (Admirer of General Patton both died in car crashes) (JR)
George Abbott (the musical Frankenstein)
George Bernard Shaw (bad novelist)
George Bernard Shaw (vegetarian)
George Burns and Jack Benny (jewelry smuggling)
George Bush & Bill Clinton (distantly related)
George Bush (Baseball)
George Bush (WW2 pilot crash and rescue)
George Bush and Bill Clinton (related from King Henry & Simon de Montfort)
George Bush, (Fair and stray elephant)
George Carey (Archbishop of Canterbury)
George Cooper (Sweet Genevieve origin)
George Custer (Almost kicked out of West Point)
George Custer (black calvary)
George Custer (Courted future wife)
George Custer (essay on Indians)
George Custer (his brother Tom more hated)
George Custer (his other wife)
George Custer (life insurance) (1994)
George Custer (no buffalo hunter - version 1) (1989)
George Custer (no buffalo hunter - version 2)
George de Mestral (Invention of Velcro)
George Eyser (Olympics gymnast wooden leg 1904)
George Foreman (criminal at age 15)
George Frideric Handel (conductor)
George Frideric Handel (duel with conductor)
George H. Sutton (Billiards champion no hands)
George Harrison (failed electrician)
George Lucas (Car accident)
George Mason (Bill of Rights, later on postage stamp 1981)
George Patton (1912 olympics)
George Patton (Battle of Bermuda Bridge)
George Patton (Deja vu)
George Patton (his mother)
George Patton (Olympics and Opium) (1987)
George Patton (paid for supplies from Sears and Roebuck)
George Pullman (Raising Chicago and railroad cars)
George W. Bush (Other president's children)
George Wallace (prize fighter)
George Washington (almost a British navy man)
George Washington (almost killed by Patrick Ferguson) (Version 1)
George Washington (almost killed by Patrick Ferguson) (Version 2)
George Washington (an ostrich murdered at the zoo)
George Washington (assassination attempt)
George Washington (cannons to Boston) (NOISY)
George Washington (cherry tree story made up by pastor)
George Washington (crop rotation)
George Washington (crops he farmed)
George Washington (crossing the Delaware)
George Washington (did not write farewell address)
George Washington (drinks for votes)
George Washington (expense account)
George Washington (false teeth and portrait)
George Washington (farmer broke)
George Washington (farmer dies)
George Washington (first coins minted)
George Washington (first president to see balloon flight)
George Washington (fisherman)
George Washington (Forbidden Vice)
George Washington (great granddad shipwreck)
George Washington (his mother was a tory)
George Washington (jackass matchmaker)
George Washington (looking for rich wife)
George Washington (Martha's first husband)
George Washington (Mister lucky)
George Washington (Philadelphia fever) (HQ)
George Washington (picked on by media)
George Washington (secret love)
George Washington (small pox warfare)
George Washington (statue with bare chest 1843)
George Washington (takes a dog as POW) (1987)
George Washington (Topless Statue)
George Washington (wrote book on ettiquette at age 15)
George Washington Bush (discriminated settler)
George Washington Carver (slave baby kidnapped)
George Washington Whistler (artist's father)
George Washington Whistler (Railroad engineer for the Russians) (version 1)
George Washington Whistler (Railroad engineer for the Russians) (version 2)
George Westinghouse (AC current)
George Westinghouse (invented air brakes for trains)
Georges Bizet (First a pianist) (JR)
Georgia Tom Dorsey (Precious Lord, Take My Hand)
Gerald Ford (at 17 and birth father)
Gerald Ford (father abusive)
Gerald Ford (male model)
Gerald Ford (Met his birth father)
Gerald Ford (onboard Navy ship in typhoon WW2)
Gerald Ford (red flannel)
German boat sunk WW2 (7700 refugees lost)
German Terrorists in US during WW2 (Captured before they could cause harm)
Germans Captured (Father and Son)
Geromino Motor company (bulding burned destroyed company 1920)
Gertude Hatch (hen was foster mom to puppies)
Ghost Fleet (Wooden ships near Mallows Bay, MD) (1998)
Ghost Rider and Camel (dead person strapped on back)
Ghost Ships (old wooden ships sunk in Mallows Bay, MD) (JR)
Ghosts (In the White House)
Ghosts in house 200 Years (new owners wanted refund)
Giacomo Casanova (extravagant living) (NO ENDING)
Giant waves of destruction (rouge waves destroyed ships)
Gideon Bible (in every hotel room)
Gift For Aunt (survived plane crash)
Gilette razor (first disposable razor blade)
Gin (originally medicine 1700s)
Gina Lollobrigida and Franco Zeffirelli
Ginger Rogers (Kidnapped as a young girl)
Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire (first meeting)
Girls Football (First in Texas 1939)
Giuseppe Verdi (Denied entry into music school)
Giuseppe Verdi (too old for music school)
Glacier des Bois (Bishop called in to exorcise it)
Glass Surgical Tools (Aztec 2000 years old)
Glen Cunningham (deadly fire inspired him to be runner)
Glenn Cunningham (Olympic runner, almost had legs amputated) (1990)
Glenn Miller (may have been shot down by Friendly Fire WW2 English Channel)
Gloria Steinem (Bunny Club Story)
Glue (invented by Neanderthals)
Gold key stolen (found and returned 38 years later)
Golda Meir (runaway kid)
Golda Meir (School textbooks) (JR)
Golden Retriever dog (nurse for boy)
Golf (women started it in the US)
Golf Cherry Hills Country Club (triple-bogeyed 1938 US Open)
Golf course in Ireland (follow the goats)
Golf Course in Zambia (most dangerous golf course in world)
Golf in Scotland (against the law 1456) (1989)
Golf over the years (400 years ago) (no begin or end) (1995)
Golf Tee Invention (1st version) (1995)
Golf Tee Invention (2nd version)
Golfer struck by lightning at 16 (won 2001 US Open)
Golfing presidents (FDR was the only serious golfer) (NOISY)
Gone With the Wind (first showing in Riverside, CA)
Goodbye (considered offensive 1700s)
Gordon Parks (Down on his luck and switchblade) (JR)
Gracchi brothers (Roman senators assassinated)
Grace Kelly (bookworm)
Grace Kelly (Hated cars)
Grace Kelly (robbery coverup)
Grand Old Opry (Devil's Box)
Grand Old Opry (Devil's Box) (JR)
Grandfather's Clock (named after song)
Grandma Moses (took up painting at age 76)
Grandma Moses (took up painting at age 76) (JR)
Grant Wood (his dentist used in American Gothic)
Grapes of Wrath (controversy)
Grapes of Wrath (story behind book)
Grapevine Road and Eight Mile House (surveyed by grapevine)
Grauman's Chinese Theatre (Practice of handprints in cement)
Graves End and Brooklyn (Religous Freedom)
Great Eastern (Jinxed ship) (JR)
Great Molasses Flood of Boston 1919
Great Real Estate Deal (Manhattan Island)
Great Wall of China Hoax (led to Boxer Rebellion 1899)
Greek Fables (Ball of string was a Clue)
Gretchen's Wheelchair (wheelchair for dog)
Grigori Rasputin (Healed hemophiliac boy) (HQ)
Grimm's Fairy Tales (recorded old stories)
Gringo (term originated in Mexican war 1846)
Grizzzly Adams (cobbler became hermit)
Grover Cleveland (Cancer Operation)
Grover Cleveland (corrupt convention)
Grover Cleveland (Draft dodger) (Version 1)
Grover Cleveland (Draft dodger) (Version 2)
Grover Cleveland (Marriage to Frances)
Grover Cleveland (met FDR at age 5)
Grover Cleveland (secret cancer surgery 1893)
Grover Cleveland (Sheriff of Buffalo, NY)
Grover Cleveland Alexander (Baseball player epilepsy not drunk)
Grover Cleveland Alexander (Old Pete was not drunk)
Guardian Angel (dog saved drowning woman on Halloween)
Guillotine (how it became popular)
Guiness Book of World Records (founded by twin brothers)
Gulf War Syndrome (Preventable by washing hands)
Gullah (African tribe in South Carolina)
Gustave Whitehead (first airplane 1901)
Gutzon Borglum (Mount Rushmore not first project)