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The Rest of the Story
Stories Starting With the Letter "E"

The Paul Harvey Unofficial Archives has over 3000 episodes of The Rest of the Story. We don't know if we have every single episode that Paul ever did - but we're sure it's darn close!

These files are in MP3 format that can be easily played with a number of programs such as Windows Media Player, VLC Player, and most portable music devices.

In order to save server space and for easier downloads, these files have been stored in ZIP format compressed files. 

The stories that were hosted by Paul Harvey Jr. are noted with (JR) in the file name. Otherwise they were by Paul Harvey. Those denoted with (HQ) are in High Quality audio.


Download File - Letter (E)

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Eagle Flies to Ireland (lost over Atlantic ocean)
Earl of Massereene (stayed in debtors prison 20 years)
Early Lawyers (Did not attend law school) (JR)
Earthquake of 1811 (near St. Louis, MO USA)
Ed Boehm (farmer later sculptor)
Ed Doc Roberts (early computer maker employed Bill Gates)
Ed Gein (farmer who murdered women inspired Psycho movie) (NOISY)
Ed Pulaski (saved fireman from fire in Rocky Mountains 1910)
Ed Schieffelin (Tombstone)
Ed Shifflett (Survived by a wooden leg)
Ed The Ripper (big hands tore telephone books)
Ed Weston (Speed Walking)
Eddie Albert (saved soldiers in WW2)
Eddie Rickenbacker (job hunting, made cars)
Eddie Rickenbacker (nine lives)
Eddie Rickenbacker (survived at sea by seagulls)
Eddystone Lighthouse (first made of concrete)
Edgar Allan Poe (foresaw cannibalism 50 years earlier)
Edgar Allan Poe (hot air balloon hoax 1844)
Edgar Allen Poe (80 dollar debt)
Edgar Allen Poe (after death and no tombstone)
Edgar Allen Poe (after death)
Edgar Allen Poe (Poe Toaster, leaves three roses)
Edgar Allen Poe (Poe Toaster, leaves three roses) (HQ)
Edgar Allen Poe (West Point, court-martialed)
Edgar Bergen (received wrong book, became ventriloquist instead)
Edgar Bergen (story behind Charlie McCarthy)
Edgar Rice Burroughs (Tarzan creator, life history)
Edgar Yip Harburg (Song Writer) (JR)
Edith Stein (first a Jew then a Catholic Nun and concentration camp)
Edith Wilson (first woman president 1919) (Version 1) (NOISY)
Edith Wilson (first woman president 1919) (Version 2) (JR)
Edmonton Grads (Best Basketball Team, all women)
Edmund Allenby (Battle of Michmash WW1)
Edmund Ruffin (was at first and last Civil War battles)
Edouard Manet (Cabin Boy and Cheese Painting)
Eduardo San Juan (Lunar Rover inventor)
Edvard Munch (The Scream and Krakatoa) (NO BEGINNING)
Edward Bancroft (Double Agent in Revolutionary War)
Edward Everett (another Gettysburg Address)
Edward Everett (another Gettysburg Address) (JR)
Edward Hyde (always dressed in drag)
Edward Leedskalnin (Coral Castle Homestead, FL)
Edward Marco (Blind mechanic) (NOISY)
Edward Mueller (made counterfeit One Dollar bills discovered in fire)
Edward Stratemeyer (wrote childrens novels)
Edward Tyler (Medical doctor who also wrote for Groucho Marx) (JR)
Edward Williams (predicted Princess Diana's death)
Edwin Booth (Ford Theater Collapse)
Edwin Booth (John's brother saved Robert Todd Lincoln)
Edwin Porter (Great Train Robbery)
Egyptian Cinderella (Dorica or Rhodopis)
Egyptian Obelisk (142 foot tall but never erected due to flaw)
Eiffel Tower (wasn't wanted) (version 1)
Eiffel Tower (wasn't wanted) (version 2)
El Morzillo (black horse owned by Cortes worshiped as a god) (JR)
Eleanor Holm (kicked off Olympic team because she drank champange)
Eleanor Roosevelt (could not shoot a gun)
Eleanor Roosevelt (Died from tuberculosis) (Version 1) (1987)
Eleanor Roosevelt (died of tuberculosis) (version 1)
Eleanor Roosevelt (died of tuberculosis) (version 2)
Eleanor Roosevelt (hit by car 1960 age 75)
Eleanor Roosevelt (rescued from shipwreck at age 2 1887)
Eleanor Roosevelt (Shirley Temple hit her with slingshot)
Eleanor Roosevelt (visited Rock Creek Cemetery regularly)
Eli Whitney (was to be a tutor, invented the Cotton Gin) (version 1) (1992)
Eli Whitney (was to be a tutor, invented the Cotton Gin) (version 2)
Elias Martin (painting of first iron bridge 1781)
Elijah Pierce (Wood carvings)
Elisha Gray (really invented the telephone)
Elizabeth Arden (No Nurse)
Elizabeth Browning (dognap inspired poetry)
Elizabeth Browning (poetry for charity, started at age 5)
Elizabeth Kenny (Australian nurse who developed treatment for Polio 1910)
Elizabeth Kenny (nurse dedicated life to Polio) (1992)
Elizabeth Taylor (as a baby)
Elizabeth Taylor (Her husband Mike Todd)
Elizabeth Taylor (Montgomery Clift and car accident) (1990)
Elizabeth Taylor (Mother-in-law to someone with AIDS)
Ellen G. White (Accident and writer) (NOISY)
Ellie Keeling (Tennis playing mother)
Elliot Ness (Disgraced and proper burial)
Elliot Roosevelt (interviewed Joseph Stalin, knew English)
Ellison Onizuka (Challenger astronaut, issue with street name change)
Elvis Presley (birthday tantrum 9 years old and guitar)
Elvis Presley (Blue Moon Boys failed Grand Ole Opry)
Elvis Presley (could not dance at prom 1953)
Elvis Presley (first time on stage)
Elvis Presley (movie usher later became movie actor) (HQ)
Elvis Presley (poor boy and guitar) (HQ)
Elvis Presley (Singing In School 1945)
Elvis Presley (super narc and Richard Nixon)
Elvis Presley (truck driver and record for mother)
Ely Samuel Parker (Indian in Civil War)
Ely Samuel Parker (indian in US Civil War)
Emerson Moser (Crayola crayon maker color blind)
Emily Dickenson (woman in white)
Emily Morgan (Yellow Rose of Texas) (Version 1)
Emily Morgan (Yellow Rose of Texas) (Version 2)
Emirau (abandoned Coke bottles from WW2)
Emperor of Russia (Ivan VI in jail age 6)
Empty tomb under US Capitol (meant for George Washington) (2005)
Enola Gay (mother's name scribbled on plane)
Enrico Caruso (escaped after San Francisco earthquake 1906)
Enrico Fermi (Escaped Italy to work on Atomic Bomb in US WW2)
Enrico Fermi (Stink bomb to Atomic bomb)
Enrico Fermi (Stink bomb to Atomic bomb) (JR)
EPA Building contaminated (sick building syndrome)
Epicurus (Greek philosopher and self denial) (1993)
Epilepsy (pet dogs used to warn owners of seisures)
Eric Liddell (Did not complete for the Olympics on Sunday)
Eric the Red (Iceland to Greenland) (1987)
Erle Stanley Gardner (Double Jeopardy) (JR)
Erle Stanley Gardner (Shattered nerves and earthquake)
Ernest Hemingway (his book influenced the Castro revolution)
Ernest Hemingway (his father)
Ernest Hemingway (loved his cats)
Ernest Hemingway (twins weren't twins)
Ernest Thayer and William Hearst (Casey at the Bat)
Ernie Nevers (Player Coach and Chicago Cardinals)
Errol Flynn (spied for Nazis)
Erwin Rommel (Homeade Glider before Nazi General)
Escape Artist (Gorilla) (no beginning) (1987)
Escaped Wolf (acted like little puppy) (JR)
Eskimo story (summer that never came 1783)
Esther Howland (Valentine's Day Cards)
Ethanol as fuel for cars (patents donated by Joseph Pugh)
Etienne de Silhouette (Stingy French finance minister) (JR)
Eugene Bullard (Black WWI pilot, Stowaway on German boat 1904)
Eugene O'Neil (kicked out of college became playright)
Eugene Shoemaker (moon craters)
Evalyn McLean (Hope Diamond) (JR)
Evelyn Glennie (deaf percussionist Scotland)
Evelyn Glennie (Deaf Percussionist)
Evergreen Travel (for blind people)
Evita Peron (dead 19 years came to dinner) (1987)
Extracting gold and other metals (from old circuit boards)