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The Rest of the Story
Stories Starting With the Letter "C"

The Paul Harvey Unofficial Archives has over 3000 episodes of The Rest of the Story. We don't know if we have every single episode that Paul ever did - but we're sure it's darn close!

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The stories that were hosted by Paul Harvey Jr. are noted with (JR) in the file name. Otherwise they were by Paul Harvey. Those denoted with (HQ) are in High Quality audio.


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Caesarean section (first documented one in Switzerland 1500s)
Calamity Jane (Angel of Mercy)
Calamity Kathy (Disasters followed her)
Calculator Contest (Lost to an abacus) (JR)
Calico Cat (saved owner in fire)
Calvin Coolidge (racoon president)
Calvin Coolidge (robbed)
Calvin Coolidge (shaved with hat on)
Calvin Graham (Served in WWII at age twelve)
Calvin Meineke (Violin Maker and doctor)
Calvin Peete (Broken arm)
Camels (Rough gang murder)
Canada Geese & Black Lake (General Motors)
Cannons on Spanish ships (used platinum)
Canonero II (Horse with deformed leg, won 1971 Preakness)
Canyon Diablo shootout (famous picture of dead man 1905)
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (moved in 1999)
Capitol Corpses (Fleas at West Virginia Capitol Building) (JR)
Captain Cook & Captain Bligh (walking stick from St. Valentin's Massacre)
Captain Kidd (may not have been a pirate)
Captain Kidd (Pirate hunter to pirate) (Version 1)
Captain Kidd (Pirate hunter to pirate) (Version 2)
Captain Kidd (sailors mooning another boat)
Car Accident (first accident, Kansas City 1901) (1987)
Car Accident (first accident, Kansas City 1901) (JR)
Car Trip across USA (backwards 1930)
Cargo barge prototype (sunk in Chicago river 1942 when nobody wanted it)
Carl Andre (Pile of bricks as art)
Carl Elliott (innovation behind student loans)
Carl Sandburg (flunked out of West Point became poet)
Carl Switzer (How Alfalfa from Our Gang died)
Carlock, IL (separate cemetaries for Democrats and Republicans)
Carly Simon (stutterer took up singing)
Carol (elephant, artist) (1986)
Carol Burnett (at age 10) (LOW VOLUME)
Caroline Caskey (DNA Testing and Identigene)
Caroline Cossey (Bond Girl Sex Change)
Caroline Cossey (Bond Girl Sex Change) (JR)
Carrie Jacobs-Bond (I Love You Truly) (version 1)
Carrie Jacobs-Bond (I Love You Truly) (version 2)
Carrie Nation (anti-booze) (Version 1)
Carrie Nation (anti-booze) (Version 2)
Carrier Pigeon (Saved American troops in World War I)
Carrier Pigeon (Used in World War II to call off bombing)
Cary Grant (mother had mental breakdown)
Cary Grant (no public appearances late in life)
Cary Grant (shoe skating accident lost tooth) (1987)
Cary Grant (stilt walker)
Casey Jones (his saga)
Casey Stengel (left hand dentist)
Cassius Clay (19th century emancipationist) (1988)
Cassius Clay (Being Born)
Cassius Clay (Broke Mom's Tooth)
Cassius Clay (stolen bicycle)
Cat & Kittens Rescued from dump (family continues to rescue)
Cat Named Wednesday (alerted owner of fire)
Catalina de Erauso (Spanish war hero and nun) (Part 1)
Catalina de Erauso (Spanish war hero and nun) (Part 2)
Cataract Surgery (plexiglass)
Caterpillar (call of the wild)
Cedar Park (cemetary in Chicago)
Cesar Ritz (goat herder later waiter became hotel giant)
Chang and Eng Bunker (Siamese Twins Farmers Married)
Chanukah (origins) (1987)
Charles Atlas (boybuilding)
Charles Becker (made the best counterfeit money) (1992)
Charles Blondin (crossed Niagara Falls on tightrope)
Charles Burton (Invented Baby Carriage, not popular in US)
Charles Byrne (Irish giant stalked for his bones)
Charles Darwin (dropped out of medical school)
Charles Darwin (funded missionaries for Tierra del Fuego)
Charles Darwin (his grandfather came up wth theory of evolution)
Charles Dawes (Melody in A Major and Vice President)
Charles Dickens (mistress and affair)
Charles Dickens (Newspaper Writer)
Charles Dickens (promoted use of treadmills)
Charles Dickens (Staplehurst train wreck)
Charles Dickens (Unfinished Mystery)
Charles Dickens (would be actor became writer)
Charles Dodgson (Alice In Wonderland)
Charles Drew (Hematology)
Charles Fisk (worked on atom bomb, later an organ maker) (1989)
Charles Goodyear ($200,000 in debt and in jail)
Charles Goodyear (developed method for rubber for everything but tires)
Charles Hires (Hires Root Beer)
Charles Lee (Outwitted by himself)
Charles Lightoller (former Titanic first mate helped with Dunkirk evacuation)
Charles Lightoller (Titanic officer story)
Charles Lindbergh (Al Capone volunteered to help solve kidnapping)
Charles Lindbergh (Conservationist)
Charles Lindbergh (daredevil)
Charles Lindbergh (did not shoot man in gun sight)
Charles Lindbergh (disaster inspired trans-Atlantic flight)
Charles Lindbergh (his grandfather and name change)
Charles Lindbergh (his mother)
Charles Lindbergh (nightmares, afraid of high places)
Charles Lindbergh (threw dummy from plane)
Charles Lindbergh (WW2 bomber pilot)
Charles Lindburgh (Love of machines) (JR)
Charles Manson (ran away from Boys Town) (noisy)
Charles Parnell (Fear of the color green)
Charles Parnell (superstitious of the color green)
Charles Peale (Saddle maker turned artist)
Charles Richard Drew (Blood Plasma, black man) (Version 1)
Charles Richard Drew (Blood Plasma, black man) (Version 2)
Charles Schultz (depressed and hands shook as he drew)
Charles Schultz (how he became an artist and Division 5)
Charles Schultz (little red haired girl was real)
Charles Schultz (poor student and loser)
Charles Steinmetz (German immigrant became great inventor)
Charles Walgreen (Near death experience)
Charles Webb (The Graduate movie)
Charles XIV John (Swedish king was adopted)
Charles Zibleman (swam Hudson River Albany to NYC with no legs 1937)
Charles Zibleman (swam Hudson River Albany to NYC with no legs 1937) (JR)
Charlie Boswell (Blind Golfer)
Charlie Brown (real life person inspiration for the comic strip)
Charlie Chaplain (body kidnapped after death)
Charlie Chaplain (visit to Japan and assassination attempt)
Charlie Hires (Fullers Earth and root beer) (NO ENDING)
Charlie Kimmel (Violin With One String)
Charlie Sotich (miniature kites)
Chef Boyardee (made field rations in World War II)
Cher (Her mother)
Chess game (by mail between Cambridge and an insane asylum 1883)
Chester Arthur (corrupt customs officer but clean president)
Chester Arthur (held expensive parties before he died)
Chester Arthur (lawyer fought for civil rights 1854)
Chester Arthur (personal documents burned just before he died)
Chester Arthur (would have died of Bright's Disease)
Cheyenne Woods (10 year old golfer and related to Tiger)
Chicago (founded by Haitian man)
Chicago (Great Fire of 1871 - aftermath and mayhem)
Chicago (Great fire of 1871)
Chicago (Place of the skunk) (JR)
Chicago Bears (how they got started as company team)
Chicago Fire (12 horses and 8 wagons were saved)
Chicago Fire (first fire, tired fire fighters)
Chicago Fire (was 2 fires back to back)
Chicago golf course (designed for one person)
Chicago Theater Fire 1903 (safety laws implemented afterwards) (JR)
Child Proof Bottle (1500 years ago from Mayan ruins) (1993)
Child Proof Cap (Nitro pills too hard to open) (JR)
Children Raised By Wolves (India 1920)
Chimps & Modern Man (more intelligent than we thought)
Chinese May West (Dragon Lady) (1987)
Chinese tomb (guarded by terracotta figurines)
Ching Shih (Chinese Woman Pirate)
Choco Loco Monster (1969)
Chop Suey (American Origin, made from leftovers) (Nov 2001)
Christian Science (faith healing)
Christmas Card (first, controversial)
Christmas Carols (singing a sin in England 1647)
Christmas Eve Escape (POW camp tunnel 1944)
Christmas Illegal (England and Colonies 1652)
Christmas Tree (German custom brought to England)
Christmas Tree Lights (75 years old)
Christmas Truce (WW1 1914)
Christopher Columbus (able to predict hurricanes by his bones)
Christopher Columbus (Carribean Christmas)
Christopher Columbus (his crew brought back Syphillis to Europe)
Christopher Columbus (Jewish boy had dreams)
Christopher Columbus (kept two sets of books)
Christopher Columbus (Man in chains accused of being a pirate) (1987)
Christopher Columbus (marooned in Jamaica and Lunar Eclipse)
Christopher Columbus (monks inspired him) (1987)
Christopher Columbus (Predicted hurricane)
Christopher Columbus (shipwrecked on Christmas in Carribean)
Christopher Columbus (voyages inspired by Irish Monk)
Christopher Kraft (NASA engineer helped astronauts to moon)
Christopher Nolan (Irish poet, genius, impairment)
Christy Brown (Writer and cerebral palsy)
Chuck Norris (was bullied as a kid)
Chuck Ross (Submitted published book to book publishers)
Church of the Bent Cross (helicopter accident Goeppingen Germany)
Church Smallest In The World (in Georgia always open)
Cicero (First use of shorthand)
Cigarette ads (in 1950)
Cigarette Ads (In medical journals) (JR)
Cinderella (the real story)
City of Ys (Never existed) (JR)
Civil Air Patrols (sank German sub off NJ coast WW2)
Civil War Colonel (crossed lines asks enemy for advice)
Civil War Confederate POWs (defend western front)
Civil War Confederate Unknown Soldier (Battle of Ox Hill)
Civil War southerners avoided the draft (fought for the north)
Clara Crowell (first female sheriff in Nevada)
Clarence Birdseye (Invented flash freezing of food) (JR)
Clark Gable (It Happened One Night) (JR)
Clark Gable (wanted to die in war)
Claude Monet (hobby gardner became painter)
Claude Monet (Sun Rising)
Claude Shannon (Ultimate Machine)
Clay Campell (Stray timber wolf) (JR)
Clayton Jacques (Handicapped Super Athlete)
Cleveland Amory (animal activist & BB Gun Story)
Cliff Reeves (Blind Car Painter 18 years old) (1993)
Clint Eastwood (Crash landing) (Version 1) (NOISY)
Clint Eastwood (Crash landing) (Version 2)
Cobra Sports Car (painted red with fingernail polish)
Coca Cola Machine (Ran Up Telephone Bill)
Cocktail (rooster feathers) (JR)
Coco Chanel (Proposed peace plan World War I) (JR)
Code Talkers (Navajo) (version 1)
Code Talkers (Navajo) (version 2)
Coded Messages (from the Bible) (1987)
Coffee (Animals discovered it first)
Coffee (history of coffee, magical fruit tree)
Coffee (Prohibition in Sweden)
Coincidence Finds Father (saved from house fire)
Cole Porter (Christmas cards from Grandma Moses)
Cole Porter (Did not want to be lawyer) (HQ)
Cole Porter (pretended to join French Foreign Legion)
Cole Porter (wrote risque lyrics 1930)
Coleman (marketed first lamp & stove)
Colin Powell (wrote love letters in Vietnam, what they didn't say)
College of hard knocks (founded colleges but didn't graduate from one)
Colonge (created to help against Black Death in 7 years war)
Concert in dark (New England String Ensemble 1994)
Concrete (invention first used in Rome)
Confucius (Not Popular In China)
Congressional Medal of Honor
Conrad Cantzen (Broadway Bum and shoe fund) (1987)
Conrad Hilton (how Hilton hotels got started) (JR)
Conrad Hubert and Joshua Lionel Cowen (Eveready batteries and Lionel trains)
Constitution Formed (difficult process)
Conway Twitty (his first hit, took name from map)
Conway Twitty (his first hit, took name from map) (JR)
Coober Pedy (people living in old opal mines in South Australia)
Cook Book (first one written in ancient Rome)
Cop delivers future cop (in 1967)
Coral Court Motel (No Tell Motel Route 66)
Corn Field Shapes in England (drought exposed ancient Roman town)
Cornelius Vanderbilt (The Commodore, could not read or write)
Country That Eats Rodents & Insects (allowed by US FDA)
Cowboy Kennedys (Joseph and John Kennedy as teenagers)
Cracker Jacks (creator's grandson's image on each box)
Cranberry (history as the crane berry)
Crash Avoided (Emergency Landing)
Crepe Suzette (created by accident)
Croquet (originally considered to be evil)
Cruciverbalists (Crossword Puzzles)
Crush, Texas (controlled train crash killed bystanders)
Crystal Palace (London England bullt 1867 demolished 1941)
Cullinan Diamond (sent via parcel post 1905)
Curly Howard (actor also ballroom dancer, depressed after bald)
Currier and Ives (first illustrated extra, later Christmas Cards)
Curtis Jones (his parrot)
Cy Young (best and worst pitcher in baseball) (HQ)
Cynthia Ann Parker (Indian girl wasn't Indian)
Cyrano de Bergerac (comedic book predicted space exploration) (1987)
Cyrano de Bergerac (Science Fiction Writer)