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The Rest of the Story
Stories Starting With the Letter "B"

The Paul Harvey Unofficial Archives has over 3000 episodes of The Rest of the Story. We don't know if we have every single episode that Paul ever did - but we're sure it's darn close!

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The stories that were hosted by Paul Harvey Jr. are noted with (JR) in the file name. Otherwise they were by Paul Harvey. Those denoted with (HQ) are in High Quality audio.


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Babe Didrikson (only woman on 1932 Olympic team)
Babe Ruth (abused child at age 6)
Babe Ruth (Back To The Minors & First Home Run)
Babe Ruth (Break Up Collection) (1987)
Babe Ruth (cancer drug guniea pig)
Babe Ruth (Movies and $25 Thousand Check) (NOISY)
Babe Ruth (Quit Baseball) (JR)
Baby Ruth Candy (Air Drops over Florida & Enola Gay)
Baby Ruth Candy (Air drops over Pittsburgh 1924) (JR)
Bald Eagle Buddy (scared of animals)
Balmoral castle (Queen Victoria purchased it with miser's money) (1993)
Band Aid (invented for accident prone wife)
Banker (Now Bank Robber)
Barbara Grossberg (Delmar Gardens and Holocoust) (1993)
Barbara Streisand (her way)
Barbara Streisand (not wanted in Las Vegas)
Barbara Walters (as kid & older sister Jacqueline)
Barber of Saville (cheered & jeered)
Barber of Seville (based upon works of others)
Barbie (American icon)
Barbie Dolls (depicted as teenagers)
Barbra Streisand (Lion Bar in Greenwich Village) (Part 1)
Barbra Streisand (Lion Bar in Greenwich Village) (Part 2)
Barbra Streisand (Plain and boring)
Barefoot Kid Gets Free Shoes (love of strangers)
Barilla (Secret pasta factory)
Barney Dinosaur (originally a teddy bear)
Barthelemy Thimonnier (Sewing Machine)
Baseball (a sin)
Baseball (first $5 salary game)
Baseball (first game 1845)
Baseball (history)
Baseball (Origins of American sport in England) (JR)
Baseball Statistics (1989)
Basketball (Creation of an American Sport)
Bastile Jail (a luxury hotel)
Bat Masterson (Sports writer)(JR)
Bath School massacre (Violent attacks about increased taxes 1927)
Battle of Brooklyn (Biggest loss of Revolutionary War)
Battle of Brooklyn (forgotten battle of Revolutionary war)
Battle of Gettysburg (battle over shoes)
Battle of Minden (roses sent to British consolate in Chicago) (No beginning)
Bausch & Lomb (founding)
Beatles (Decca Records turned them down)
Beatles haircut (came from German friend)
Beau Brummell (history)
Beer flood (London 1814)
Ben Franklin (5 year old watched Boston Burn)
Ben Franklin (armonica) (Version 1)
Ben Franklin (armonica) (Version 2)
Ben Franklin (Bow & Arrow)
Ben Franklin (Church steeple) (JR)
Ben Franklin (Daylight Saving Time)
Ben Franklin (electrocuted meat to tenderize)
Ben Franklin (lightning experiment and Russian professor)
Ben Franklin (School Dropout)
Ben Franklin (Silence Dogood) (JR)
Ben Franklin (Uncle Ben)
Ben Hogan (golfer - car accident)
Ben Montgomery (Former slave buys Jeffeson Davis' plantation)
Benedict Arnold (Dark Eagle)
Benedict Arnold (his mother)
Benito Mussolini (draft dodger)
Benito Mussolini (provided marbled for US Supreme Court 1929)
Benjamin Grierson (Civil War cavalry kicked by pony as kid)
Benjamin Harrison (White House a mess & electricity)
Benjamin Latrobe (Architect and yellow fever) (1998)
Benjamin Spock (competed on Yale rowing team and Olympics)
Benjamin Spock (did not get along with step-daughter)
Benjamin Spock (his son Mike) (1987)
Berkeley Pit Lake (Acid Lake) (JR)
Bernie Baruch (Home Run Shorty)
Bert Lucarelli (Boy Scout and Oboe)
Bette Davis & Howard Hughes (affair & blackmail)
Bette Davis (Almost aborted)
Bette Davis (rejected for drama school 1927)
Bette Davis (the letter)
Bette Nesmith Graham (Liquid Paper)
Betty Crocker (composite sketch)
Betty Galvano lightning (lightning hits woman 1994, no pain now)
Betty Grable (back to the camera)
Beverly Hills (Dry Gulch)
Bicycle Bank Robber (Bifocal Bandit)
Bill and Holley Rising (Two brothers with PHDs pumping gas)
Bill Clinton (caught in a rip tide 1968)
Bill Cosby (Orange Crate Xmas Tree)
Bill Cosby (school dropout)
Bill Gates (Harvard dropout)
Bill Gates (school library assistant)
Bill Hellier (Track star stroke at age 17)
Bill Russell (Charlie's kid brother)
Bill Ship (monster and accident prone)
Bill Smith (World Series of Poker)
Bill Tilden (tennis great once failed actor) (1987)
Billy Graham & Stuart Hamblen (It's No Secret)
Billy Graham (as a teenager hated church)
Billy Joel (suicidal & psychiatric hospital) (version 1)
Billy Joel (Suicidal & psychiatric hospital) (version 2)
Billy The Kid (as a teenager)
Billy The Kid (Good Side)
Billy Tipton (he was a she)
Bing Crosby (gang fight at age 10) (1998)
Bing Crosby (lazy in law school)
Bing Crosby (Lost at talent show) (JR)
Bing Crosby (named from comics)
Bing Crosby (White Christmas)
Bingo (Edwin Lowe & Carl Leffler)
Birds Nest Soup (Thailand)
Birth of Chicago 1833 (voter fraud)
Bisquick (invented by railroad cook) (1987)
Bjorn Borg (His father and tennis raquet)
Black Pool (Items found in lake under Roller Coaster) (1992)
Blind Companion (Sheep and blind pony)
Blind dog (saves girl in water 1996)
Blue Cross (first case 1930)
Bo Jackson (almost killed boy at age 12)
Bob Dole (his life saved WW2)
Bob Dylan (Wanted to go to West Point)
Bob Feller (his mother got hit with a baseball)
Bob Griese (Did not want to wear glasses) (JR)
Bob Hoover (stunt aviator hated to fly) (HQ)
Bob Hope (Alaska Flight)
Bob Hope (Hopelessly) (HQ)
Bob Hope (name change)
Bob Hope (Prize Fighter)
Bob Love (Sutterer, NBA star and Nordstrom)
Bob May (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) (HQ)
Bob McLaughlin (Police Officer that helped with birth of future police officer) (HQ)
Bobby Leach (went over Niagara Falls in barrel) (NO ENDING)
Bobby Pearce (Australian rower and ducks)
Bodie, California (monument for James Garfield)
Boll Weevil (forced farmers to change crops and statue)
Bolshoi Ballet (orphan children)
Bombing Iraqi nuclear reactor (Israeli Air Force)
Bombing of Tarnov, NE (Accdidental test bombing WWII)
Bosnia (Start of WW1)
Boston Massacre (John Adams was lawyer) (1987)
Bottle in Ocean ($6 million will)
Bottle In Ocean (left by 7 year old who later died in motorcycle crash) (JR)
Bottle in Ocean 1784 Japan (found 1935)
Bowerbird (unique courtship)
Boxing match by computer (Ali vs. Marciano 1971)
Boy Scouts of America (originated in England)
Brahms Lullaby (Love song)
Braille (started as coded messages)
Brain Surgery (10,000 BC ancient Peru)
Bram Stroker (Censorship) (JR)
Bram Stroker (Dracula author and failed marriage)
Bridal Shower (generosity of others) (NOISY)
Bridal Showers (Origin of the tradition)
Bride Was Naked (as she entered the world)
Bridge In Middle of Nowhere (outer space)
Bridget Diver (Michigan calvary woman Civil War)
British Open (originally for golf professionals)
Broken Clock on the Mantle (saved family from fire) (1986)
Bronte Sisters (wrote as Bell Brothers)
Brooke Knapp (aviator, hated to fly) (1987)
Brooke Shields (her grandfather)
Brooklyn Bridge (on site engineer was John Augustus Roebling's wife Emily)
Brooklyn Dodgers (named after people who dodged trolleys)
Brooklyn Dodgers (trolley cars) (NOISY)
Bruce Devlin (His father inspired him to become a golfer)
Bruce Jenner (almost had a water skiing career)
Bubble Gum Mystery (acidic saliva caused tooth and lung problems)
Bubonic Plague (Ring around the Rosies) (low volume)
Buckingham Palace (originally was a mulberry garden)
Buckingham Palace (remodeled house no one liked) (1987)
Buckingham Palace (young boy snuck in) (1992)
Buckminster Fuller (Failure and recovery)
Buddy Ebsen (Original Tin Man in Wizard of Oz) (1987)
Buffalo Bill (German Spies at show)
Buffalo Bill (Guide for Prince Albert)
Buffalo Bill's Tree spared in forest fire (Yellowstone park 1988)
Bulova Wrist Watch (watch lost in WWII, found in 2007)
Bum waits 5 one-half years (dog waited for owner)
Burglars in air ducts (Orlando, FL Sears 1995)
Burt Lancaster (walking on hands) (Version 1)
Burt Lancaster (walking on hands) (Version 2)
Burt Reynolds (contestant on The Dating Game) (1993)
Burt Reynolds (stunt man and football)
Bushman (Gorilla, died in Chicago 1951) (JR)
Buster Douglas (inspired woman to face surgery)
Butch Cassidy (may have written his own autobiography)
Butch O'Hare (his father Artful Eddie)
Buttons on sleeves (kept soldiers from using sleeves as handkerchief)
BVD underwear (named for underwear salesmen) (JR)
Byron Nelson (modified golf drivers so wife could buy a new dress)