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The Rest of the Story
Stories Starting With the Letter "A"

The Paul Harvey Unofficial Archives has over 3000 episodes of The Rest of the Story. We don't know if we have every single episode that Paul ever did - but we're sure it's darn close!

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The stories that were hosted by Paul Harvey Jr. are noted with (JR) in the file name. Otherwise they were by Paul Harvey. Those denoted with (HQ) are in High Quality audio.


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Aaron Burr (divorce case)
Abandoned Blind Racoon (inspires family compassion)
Abandoned Blind Racoon (inspires family compassion) (JR)
Abbe Pierre (Down and out priest who founded Emmaus) (1987)
Abdominal Surgery (first 1809)
Abebe Bikila (Ethiopian runner won 1960 Olympics marathon barefoot) (1986)
Abigail Fillmore (made improvements to White House)
Abner Doubleday (fired first Union shot in Civil War)
Abortion (legal in US 19th century)
Abortions Prevented (saved lives of da Vinci & Hitler)
Abraham Lincoln (animal activist)
Abraham Lincoln (as a bartender, sued)
Abraham Lincoln (Assassination attempt while horse riding at night) (JR)
Abraham Lincoln (assassination plot) (version 1)
Abraham Lincoln (assassination plot) (version 2)
Abraham Lincoln (bad bodyguard)
Abraham Lincoln (battered husband in White House)
Abraham Lincoln (Corrupt Convention)
Abraham Lincoln (defends slave owner farmer)
Abraham Lincoln (despondent and depressed)
Abraham Lincoln (Emancipation Proclamation speech)
Abraham Lincoln (friend Stephen Douglas)
Abraham Lincoln (Grew beard on advice from 11 year old girl) (Version 1)
Abraham Lincoln (Grew beard on advice from 11 year old girl) (Version 2) (JR)
Abraham Lincoln (guarded his body after his death)
Abraham Lincoln (had smallpox at Gettysburg Address)
Abraham Lincoln (hanging 38 Indians) (JR)
Abraham Lincoln (his grandfather, captured by Indians)
Abraham Lincoln (Inventor & Boats)
Abraham Lincoln (John Wilkes Booth acted in Ford's Theater)
Abraham Lincoln (Kidnapped after death)
Abraham Lincoln (Law books in old 50 cent barrel)
Abraham Lincoln (lawyer & dark moon)
Abraham Lincoln (lawyer & dark moon) (JR)
Abraham Lincoln (Lewis Payne, Secretary of State assassinated)
Abraham Lincoln (Madness in the air)
Abraham Lincoln (mother died due to poisoned milk)
Abraham Lincoln (Never slept in bedroom)
Abraham Lincoln (No photograph at Gettysburg Address)
Abraham Lincoln (phrase copying)
Abraham Lincoln (posed for statue)
Abraham Lincoln (Pro Slavery & Long Nine) (NO BEGINNING)
Abraham Lincoln (Racist) (JR)
Abraham Lincoln (Seance at the White House) (Version 1)
Abraham Lincoln (Seance at the White House) (version 2)
Abraham Lincoln (son stuffed papers in wall, found 1987)
Abraham Lincoln (stepmother saving goodbye)
Abraham Lincoln (three brat sons) (JR)
Abraham Lincoln (White House Ghost)
Abraham Lincoln (wife was boss)
Abraham Lincoln (woman military advisor)
Abraham Lincoln (wrestling)
Abraham Lincoln (writing of Emancipation Proclamation)
Abused Girl (now head of mental hospital)
Admiral Richard Byrd (Never Left Nest)
Adolf Hitler (Alan Cranston's English Translation of Mein Kampf)
Adolf Hitler (anti-Jew ideas from Richard Wagner)
Adolf Hitler (Bad translation)
Adolf Hitler (British war book)
Adolf Hitler (Deception by fake documents) (JR)
Adolf Hitler (father a mixed up mess)
Adolf Hitler (father a mixed up mess) (JR)
Adolf Hitler (friend prevented suicide)
Adolf Hitler (his cousin looked like him) (JR)
Adolf Hitler (painting sold in 1988 auction Louisville, KY)
Adolf Hitler (the bum by choice)
Adolphe Sax (Inventor of Saxaphone)
Adolphe Sax (Inventor of Saxaphone) (JR)
Adrian Nicholas (used Leonardo DaVinci's parachute design from 1485)
Adriana Caselotti (Voice and singer for Snow White)
Aesop's Fables (never existed)
Afraid to fly (parachuted to safety)
African Girl (10,000 years old in Brazil, human migration)
Agatha Christie (nurse found sick girl had thalium poisoning)
Agatha Christie (slow little girl)
Agatha Christie (Tried to frame husband)
Air Force Guard Dog (died in Desert Shield 1990)
Air Mail Experiment (shot by missile 1959)
Airplane (invented in Michigan 1898)
Aisin Gioro Puyi (last Chinese emperor and later gardner)
Ajo Copper Mine (A. J. Shotwell phony copper mines actually productive)
Al Camp (female football coach)
Al Capone (his gun after death)
Al Capone (philanthropist during Great Depression)
Al Jolsen (Fight with Walter Winchell)
Al Jolsen (school mates with Babe Ruth & Bo Jangles)
Al Jolson (Had To Whistle, lost voice)
Alan Alda (Polio at age 7)
Alan Turing (WWII code cracker, homosexual and suicide)
Alaska (two Russian ships attempted to find Gammaland 1741)
Alaskan Street Gang (shoveled snow for people)
Alaskan Trapper (dog saved life)
Albert Einstein (brain saved after death)
Albert Einstein (deemed to be retarded)
Albert Einstein (fan of Mozart)
Albert Einstein (his son Edward)
Albert Einstein (illegitimate child)
Albert Einstein (Refrigerator)
Albert Einstein (wedding & lost key)
Albert Payson Terhune (dog story writer)
Albert Schweitzer (sex symbol)
Albrecht Durer (Bob Hope painting)
Alcatraz (4 prisoners escaped in 1903)
Alcatraz (Pacific Paradise)
Alcatraz (The slammer) (JR)
Alcatraz (tourist attraction)
Alcohol (Use as a fuel) (JR)
Alcohol Fuel For Cars (invented by Henry Ford)
Alden Partridge (West Point in shambles)
Alex Haley (ghost wrote love letters while in Coast Guard)
Alexander Bain (fax machine 1843)
Alexander Bell (tried selling Telephone to Western Union)
Alexander Graham Bell (family moved from Scotland to Canada)
Alexander Graham Bell (founding member National Geographic Society)
Alexander Graham Bell (Hated Phones)
Alexander Graham Bell (Hydrofoil Boats)
Alexander Graham Bell (invented Iron Lung)
Alexander Graham Bell (mother & wife deaf)
Alexander Hamilton (could not manage his own money)
Alexander Hamilton (Saved and later killed by Aaron Burr)
Alexander The Great (first underwater divers)
Alexandra of Denmark (Queen Julia, Nurse and Stiff Leg)
Alfie Moore (emergency hockey goalie for Stanley Cup) (1987)
Alfred Hitchcock (home alone, scared for life) (1990)
Alfred Hitchcock (naughty boy in jail)
Alfred Hitchcock (School Days, surprise ending)
Alfred Nobel (dynamite as safe version of Nitroglycerin)
Alfred Nobel (established the Nobel Prize in his will)
Alfred Nobel (His lover Sofie)
Alice Evans (avocated for milk to be pasturized in 1917)
Alice Heine (Princess from US helped to civilize Monaco 1889)
Alice Marble (tennis star, Clark Gable inspired her)
Alka Seltzer (invented as flu remedy)
All Is Quiet in Jail (animal testing protest)
All Shook Up (song written by Otis Blackwell on a dare)
Allan Lockheed (Lockeed Aircraft founder)
Almost the end of royalty (England)
Aloha Oe (Hawaiian Love Song by Liliuokalani)
Alonzo Clemons (Retarded sculptor)
Alonzo Haney (16 year old designed a better Windshield Wiper Blade)
Alta Truex (Seventy-Eight Year Old Runner)
Altlantic Ocean conquered (fingers froze to oars 1883) (JR)
Alvin Karpis and Charles Manson
Alvin York (Conscientious objector later decorated soldier WWI)
Amargosa Opera House (came to life in desert)
Ambrose Burnside (Sideburns)
Amelia Earhart (one theory about airplane crash)
Amelia Earheart (clothes designer)
Amelia Earheart (her father & Gypsom Mine)
American Flag (Designed by Francis Hopkinson) (1998)
American Flag (Used as a scarecrow WWII) (1990)
American Idol (Rejected by every network) (JR)
American Indians (Last Citizens 1924)
Amerika with a K (Under the Red Flag)
Ancient Childproof Lid (Created by the Mayans 1500 years ago)
Ancient Civilization (Cahokia, in Illinois near St. Louis)
Ancient Forests (All over the United States) (NOISY) (JR)
Ancient Greek Art (History)
Andorra (Little Country)
Andorra (Little Country) (JR)
Andre Latour (French Detective)
Andrea Doria (Italian admiral came out of retirement) (JR)
Andres Segovia (Spanish classical guitarist)
Andrew Carnegie (at age 16)
Andrew Carnegie (hated money)
Andrew Carnegie (hated money) (JR)
Andrew Durnford (black man, slave holder)
Andrew Jackson (Assassination attempt)
Andrew Jackson (Evil Eye)
Andrew Jackson (failed assasination 1835)
Andrew Jackson (his funeral & his parrot) (1992)
Andrew Jackson (his funeral & his parrot) (JR)
Andrew Jackson (His Mother)
Andrew Jackson (inaguration & brawl) (NOISY)
Andrew Jackson (Last Battle in 1812 war)
Andrew Jackson (Lead poison from gun shot)
Andrew Jackson (wife died) (version 1)
Andrew Jackson (wife died) (version 2)
Andrew Johnson (almost impeached)
Andrew Johnson (Indentured Servant)
Andrew Johnson (Indentured Servant) (JR)
Andrew Johnson (taught to write by wife 1826)
Andy Warhol (cartoons for weather forecast)
Andy Warhol (shy modest quiet man)
Angel of death (air pollution London Fog 1952)
Angelo Spagnolo (Worst Avid Golfer)
Animal Care Sanctuary (Shelter for homeless dogs and cats)
Animal Magnetism (hypnotism & mesmerised)
Ann Bolen (always wore gloves to cover disfigured hand)
Anna Ella Carroll (Advisor to Abraham Lincoln) (version 1) (JR)
Anna Ella Carroll (Advisor to Abraham Lincoln) (version 2)
Anna May Jarvis (invented Mother's Day)
Anna Sewell (Black Beauty author)
Annabelle's (London nightclub party crashed by royal ladies)
Anne Sullivan (teacher for Helen Keller)
Annie Oakley (Servant Girl)
Annie Oakley (used special bullets for circus 1887)
Anthony Gotto (Thirteen year old juggler)
Anthony Quinn (wanted to be architect with Frank Lloyd Wright)
Ants (herder of insects)
Arabia (Steamboat sunk in Missouri River)
Archaeoraptor (dinosaur and bird fossil hoax 1999)
Archeological Excavation (Mark Twain's Family House)
Archibald Belaney (Grey Owl, trapper later conservationist)
Archibald Willard (Spirit of '76 painting)
Archimedes (invented death ray 2000 years ago)
Arizona (accidently bombed in 1929)
Arizona Biltmore (Fire and rebuilding of landmark)
Arlington Cemetary (Robert E. Lee's plantation)
Armand Hammer (studied to be a doctor, only used it once at age 74)
Armand Hammer (Studied to be doctor) (JR)
Arnold Palmer (bet on game to pay for engagement ring 1954)
Arnold Palmer (bet on game to pay for engagement ring 1954) (JR)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (nicknamed Cinderella)
Around the world in 80 days (book based upon real person)
Art Buckwald (joined Marines at age 16 WW2)
Art Buckwald (only saw his mother in dreams)
Art Carney (in WW2, answered prayers)
Art Linkletter (a hobo)
Arthur Conan Doyle (Doctor Failure)
Arthur Conan Doyle (Introduced skis to Switzerland)
Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes author introduced skis to Switzerland)
Arthur Conan Doyle (Spiritualism)
Arthur Godfrey (Radio personality) (JR)
Arthur Malet (Peter Pan to Hook) (1992)
Arthur Murray (Dance studios)
Arthur Rubinstein (Suicide attempt and later career)
Artificial insemination (first 1793, not a doctor)
Arturo Toscanini (conductor was a cello player)
Asa Tenney (Handyman taught Laura Bridgman sign language)
Aspirin (Pain relief discovered as willow tree bark)
Atilla The Hun (Died of nosebleed on wedding night) (HQ)
Atlantic Crossing (by rowboat 1896)
Atocha shipwreck (Seeds 365 years old)
Audie Murphy (WW2 most decorated vet killed civilian)
Audrey Hepburn (at 15 in WW2 - Version 1)
Audrey Hepburn (at 15 in WW2 - Version 2)
Australia aboriginal language (all but forgotten)
Australian Aborigine (Lost In Funeral Home 109 years)
Ava Gardner (Picture In Window)