Paul Harvey UNOFFICIAL Archives

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who runs the Paul Archives website?

A: A fan of Paul Harvey. Probably just like you. I just wanted to have a repository for others to share with their desire to listen to Paul Harvey audio and video clips. I have no affiliation whatsoever with the Paul Harvey estate or Paul Harvey, Jr. or anybody else.


Q: I'm looking for a particular file. Do you have it?

A: Please use the Discussion Forums for contacting us.


Q: Where did you get all this stuff?

A: Probably 75% of what is here came from a donation from another fan of Paul Harvey. The other 20% came from the Internet and 5% from my own collection.


Q: Is there any more that will be added to the site?

A: We still have a ton of files to go through that we digitized from several hundred cassette tapes. As we go through the material, we'll post it.


Q: I have a question. How can I contact you?

A: Please use the Discussion Forums for contacting us.


Q: How do I listen to these clips?

A: The files are all in the MP3 format. There are plenty of software and hardware players to listen to these files. Most modern Windows and Mac computers come with the necessary software to listen to them. However, I still prefer to use the free WinAmp software on my Windows computer. Most modern cars can also support MP3s on a USB stick.

Most of these files are compressed using the ZIP format. Again, most modern Windows and Mac computers have the necessary software built-in to extract the files to their original formats. However, if your computer does not have the necessary software, please try the free 7-Zip for Windows and iZip for Mac.